Over the past few decades, the kitchen has risen in status in the home to become the most important room in the house. For many years the focus was on living spaces, and even home offices but the kitchen is currently bang on trend for being the social centre of the home, but how did this happen?

Well, television has a lot to do with it and specifically the rise of television chefs. Suddenly there are entire shows filmed from the kitchen, entire channels dedicated to a single room and that gourmet kitchen style has trickled down!

Big open plan kitchens, kitchen islands and roomy workspaces are now the thing, thanks to these celebrity chefs and luxury kitchen appliances and designer kitchens are all the rage with the affluent homebuyers and renovators.

All of these things have worked together to make the kitchen the centre of any home, and this may be your line of thinking if you are considering a kitchen renovation and having a new fitted kitchen! While years ago a replacement kitchen may have just been ripping out an old kitchen and placing new fittings in the same place, now you may be planning an entire kitchen redesign to bring your kitchen up to date to its modern status.

We’re going back to a time when the kitchen was the heart of the home, and as such that retro style is coming back for many people too. Modern twists on the farmhouse or Italian kitchen have never been so popular as homeowners seek to capture this warm magic in the centre of their home.

Getting it just right can be difficult but we’re here to help. Mixing old and new can often be a great idea to capture that special kitchen feel, and while modern expensive appliances may catch the eye, mixing designer with every day can be a better way to incorporate some posh stuff without it being overwhelming.

It’s all about having creativity, and if you’re finding that your old kitchen just doesn’t come up to standard then a kitchen extension can be the way to go. As cooking fell out of favour in the late 20th century so did big kitchens and that can be a restriction if you’re looking to give your kitchen star status and make it the hub of your home.

There are always ways to achieve your kitchen dream, and we’re the kitchen experts so let us help you. With our skills and experience, and your vision for your new star status kitchen, we’ll find the perfect new fitted kitchen for you and ensure it looks fit to be on the pages of any celebrity magazine, or any celebrity cooking show!