The kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms of your home, providing a space for cooking, entertaining and gathering and is one of the key areas that brings families together and really can be the hub of your home.

However, some kitchens can be cold and uninviting. If you want to increase the value of your home and ensure that your kitchen becomes the central point of your home, you’ll want to take steps to make sure that it is fit for purpose.

A kitchen which is functional and attractive is a huge draw when it comes to selling your home, as well as ensuring that you get the most out of this space.

Assessing Space.

Many people associate busy, thriving kitchens with large spaces, however, not everyone is lucky enough to have a super-sized kitchen, so it’s all about making use of the space that you do have, and using it effectively. If you have lots of wall space, you can use that to your advantage to put up shelves and other storage, and even a TV if you think that would be a welcome idea. You’ll be surprised at the other things that you can add to a wall to make your kitchen more inviting, including worktops and kitchen islands which can double up as seating areas too.

Think About What You Want Out of the Space.

By deciding what it is you want your kitchen to be – a place to dine together, unwind together or a space for entertaining, you can then go ahead with the planning. If you want to ensure a good draw to your kitchen, a lounge space could be a good investment. Adding a booth in front of a worktop or even putting a sofa or two in there will encourage people to stay there and will provide an additional relaxing space to the living room.

Colours Are Important.

Choosing a colour scheme which is vital for transforming the look and feel of your kitchen. By opting for light colours you can create the illusion of space, whilst a warmer shade will provide a great accent, giving it a cosier feel. Whites and creams make great kitchen colours, whilst shades of brown and grey make fantastic accent shades, with the opportunity to use some great natural materials such as slate and wood.

Custom Kitchen Ideas For The Hub Of Your Home.

If you’re unsure of your options when deciding on a new kitchen, or you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, then a custom kitchen design might be exactly what you need. Using an expert design team with experience in remodelling kitchens of all sizes, you can enjoy the best options based on your kitchen’s unique dimensions as well as the features that you’re looking for.

Aquarius Home Improvements provide fantastic custom kitchen plans and designs which can include complete kitchen makeovers as well as improving elements of an existing kitchen. If you’d like to find out more about the kitchen fitting services that we offer, please click here and see how we can help you transform your kitchen into the hub of your home.