The way we live is changing, so much in fact that it’s the biggest social change since the invention of the television, and interestingly it’s the main television that is losing favour in the new trends. No longer are families huddled around the main television, we all want our own space, and different space and so it’s little wonder that a multi-function kitchen is bang on trend!

Gone is the idea of a shut away galley kitchen in favour of open spaces, airy living spaces, and spaces that can be used for more than one thing. That’s what modern life is all about, multi-use and multi-dimension and if you have the room, you may want your brand new multi-function kitchen to reflect that, introducing a multi-use room for your modern family.

So you have the space, and you’ve decided to go down the multi-function kitchen route, how best can we help you achieve that in your brand new fitted kitchen?

A Multi-Function Kitchen and what you can do

Work/Study Bar

In the 1980s breakfast bars were all the rage, but now it’s about having work and study space, but there’s nothing stopping you taking the same idea to give yourself a multi-use counter with seating, for eating, fun and study! Consider adding electric outlets too and it becomes the perfect place to set up your laptop!

A Study/Office

The kitchen is the perfect place for your home office, particularly if it’s a big room and adding office space to a multi-function kitchen is a popular addition in modern homes. If you’re intending on going down this route then you may want to think about extra electrical outlets and maybe even space for a modem, you may also want to think about covering any electronics when not in use to protect from grease.

Family Space

The whole idea of a multi-function kitchen is the dream of having perfect family space. Why have that dinner table that no one sits at when you can have a sofa and an armchair? Adding living space to the kitchen is as good as having an extra room, and that’s perfect when you have a growing family, and being so close to the food and drinks can be perfect if you’re entertaining!

If you have the space to create a big multi-functional family kitchen then it’s the way to go, the kitchen really will become the hub of your home and with a brand new fitted kitchen, installed by one of our professional kitchen fitters, you’ll be glad of a reason to show it off.

Of course if the kitchen isn’t big enough there are other ways to improve the space, such as patio doors, or even knocking through into a dining room, but this will be something for you to decide based on the space you have. There are so many ideas and so much inspiration out there right now for modern family kitchens, ensuring your modern family isn’t stuck in an outdated space.