It’s the heart of your home, the place where you make culinary magic happen and, more often than not, it’s where you, your family and friends congregate. Your faithful kitchen wears a variety of hats and serves lots of different purposes.

That’s why your kitchen needs to be practical and functional, without losing any of its charm and aesthetic appeal. If yours is looking like it has seen better days, we can help rejuvenate it – just contact us.

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With 2019 literally just around the corner (okay, so there’s the small matter of Christmas to negotiate first), what better time to look forward at the kitchen design trends we can expect to see next year.

Here’s what’s on the menu when it comes to kitchen design in 2019:

Two-tone cabinets

Forget the uniform look afforded by matching cabinets. Two-tone ones are threatening to be the next big thing in 2019.

While it may sound a little odd, two-tone cabinets are a great way to put your stamp on your kitchen and create a talking point. Imagine light blue cabinets on your kitchen walls and dark blue floor-standing ones. Or perhaps wooden cabinets mixed with painted ones. The possibilities are endless and the results highly unique.

A greener kitchen

Green is go in kitchens for 2019, with green accents, cabinets and floors likely to feature heavily next year.

While emerald and forest green are likely to be among people’s favourites, any shade of green is going to be popular among homeowners looking to spruce up their kitchens.

Natural stone

Mother Nature creates some of the most beautiful designs available. That’s why people will be leaning towards rustic stone designs next year and not just for countertops. Expect to see natural stone being incorporated into backsplashes, waterfall edges and even cooker hoods.

Hidden storage

Kitchens always need plenty of storage. But traditional shelves, cupboards and drawers can detract from the functionality sometimes. Enter hidden storage solutions that boast retractable concealed doors. Perfect to leave open while you’re working and can be closed in a second when you want to entertain.

Black appliances

While stainless steel appliances definitely have their merits, we’ll likely black ones becoming much more popular as 2019 unfolds.

In smaller kitchens especially, stainless steel appliances tend to dominate the space. That’s why many manufacturers have started making appliances in sophisticated shades of black.

It might sound a little strange, particularly if you are a fan of crisp, white kitchens, but black appliances add beautiful contrast to features like wooden cabinets.

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