Wet rooms and bathroom adaptions are quickly becoming a popular feature in many households. Thanks to their wide, open design, wetroom bathrooms offer not only a beautiful bathroom space, but also increase functionality and accessibility.

Due to our many years of bathroom installations, Aquarius Home Improvements are experts in Wet room bathrooms and in converting a traditional bathroom into a wet room.

Solve your bathing needs with an affordable and luxurious wet room and enquire today.

A great alternative to a traditional bathroom, wetroom bathroom conversions can provide your home with a functional, attractive space, which can incorporate many modern facilities.

They also offer that little bit of extra flexibility which is sometimes required and our easy access solutions are perfect where your requirements mean you no longer can have a bath.


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Aquarius Home Improvements understand that sometimes there is a need to convert an existing bathroom into a level access wetroom bathroom and as such we have become specialists in the design, supply and installation of wet-room bathroom installations.

If you are looking for a wetroom bathroom adaption in your home, Aquarius Home Improvements can help you design, create and install it. We also prioritise long-term maintenance and safety, ensuring that your new installation is perfect for your needs.

From the initial design to the actual building work, we will collaborate with you at each step of your wet room installation.

Our work is to the highest standard, making us the perfect one-stop shop for your wet room adaption needs.

Amongst our wet-room adaption services are the ability to offer suitable level access shower trays, water-proofing and waste outlet solutions as well as taking care of tanking solutions and ensuring water tightness.

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Wetroom bathroom adaptions and specialist showering solutions

Our wetroom bathroom adaptions can instantly add a contemporary look to your home. But despite their luxurious nature, our wet room bathrooms don’t cost the earth.

Wet-room bathrooms are a very affordable choice for many homeowners, and we are often able to complete minor alterations to your existing bathroom, rather than install an entirely new one.

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Wetroom Adaptions For An Affordable Price

Our Wet Room bathroom adaptions also have the bonus of providing accessible facilities, which are ideal for those with special needs or those looking for simpler bathroom solutions.  

Aquarius Home Improvements are specialists in providing wet room adaptations for customers who are no longer able to access a bath or shower cubicle, or those who are no longer able to walk and who need assistance accessing bathing or showering facilities.Wetroom Adaptions For An Affordable Price

Aquarius Home Improvements are specialists in providing wetroom adaptations for customers who are no longer able to access a bath, or shower cubicle, or for those customers no longer able to walk and who need help accessing bathing or showering facilities.

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