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Fitted Bathroom and Kitchen Packages We Offer

At Aquarius Home Improvements, we have always believed that the most important thing we can offer is a 'FULL' Installation when undertaking any home improvement works in a customers home. As such, all of the work we undertake ensures that the customer has a fully operational bathroom or kitchen when we have finished

We are one of the first companies to offer such a service and have carefully packaged our installations to both enable to customer to have something of value for their money, but just as important is the fact that each installation we undertake is a full installation and offers everything required to ensure that the room where the works are taking place are useable after we have finished.

As with all works, there are many options that can be chosen by the customer and from our inception, we decided that we would offer fitted bathroom and kitchen 'packages' that gave the essential items as a minimum and then allowed the customer to expand their choice, whilst ensursing that the room in which we were improving was useable without having to worry about extras or unfinished items.

What Fitted Bathroom and Kitchen Packages are Available?

Aquarius Home Improvements offer numersou standard fitted bathroom and fitted kitchen packages to be used as a base for all our home improvements.

Our standard fitted bathroom and fitted kitchen packages come in 2 forms, all with various options. We also offer numerous other package installations for various needs of the customer.