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The following are the terms and conditions of Aquarius Home Improvements LTD.  These are different from our privacy policy terms which govern your use of our website.

Before completing any work for you, we ask you read and sign your contract for goods and services, therefore accepting the terms below.

  1. The contract
    1. This contract is between Aquarius Home Improvements LTD (the company) and the customer named overleaf.
    2. By signing this contract you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the company.
    3. All goods / works will be listed overleaf. You must ensure that everything you are expecting is written on the contract.  We will not be held liable if you later feel there are works / goods not performed that you feel you have ordered.
  2. Consents
    1. The company will not be liable for any costs involved by the customer in ensuring they have the correct consent for works to be undertaken. This includes listed building consents, planning permission, building regulations and such.
    2. You must ensure that the company has clear and uninterrupted access to the property at appropriate times for works to be undertaken. If access to neighbouring properties is required, it is the customers’ responsibility to check with the owners and receive permission.  Where either party does not give adequate access we reserve the right to make an additional charge of £200 + VAT per day that access is not given.
    3. We will also make an additional charge of £200 + VAT per day if another unrelated tradesman is operating with the works area, where this has not been pre arranged with the company.
  3. Specifications and services
    1. We reserve the right to change/alter the specification of goods and services in the following circumstances:
      • The product selected is not available.
      • Changes are required to keep to legal and/or safety requirements.
      • A product is changed by the manufacturer.
    2. Goods are ordered for your specific installation; therefore any changes by the customer must be made before any cutting, modification, or installation
    3. We will do our upmost to ensure that no damage occurs to your property whilst your installation in being undertaken. In the unfortunate event of property damage, the company will do its upmost to ensure materials used in rectification processes are of reasonable match to existing materials, although in cases of extreme weathering/rarity or discontinuation, you understand that this will not be possible.
    4. If we are replacing existing goods within the terms of the contract, we will not carry out any structural or rectificational works unless this is included within the terms of the contract. Nor do we offer any guarantee against defects or operational problems arising after reinstallation.
  4. Electrics and Gas
    • Where the contract includes electric and/or gas works, it is assumed that all relevant legislative requirements are in place at the property.
  1. The company cannot perform electrical and/or gas works on properties not meeting the correct current criteria.
  • We reserve the right, after inspection by our approved electrician / gas installer, to impose a charge for any rectificational works deemed necessary in order to bring your current electrics/ gas to the correct legislative standard.
  • If rectificational works are required, you will be given the option of appointing your own qualified person to perform such works, however we cannot guarantee that they will be performed to the same / required standard due to differences in legislative requirements.
  1. Cancellation
    1. Either party may cancel this contract within 14 days of signing.
    2. If work is to be carried out within your statutory 14 day cooling off period, you will be required to sign an additional contract waiving your right to cancel.
    3. If after technical survey we find that further works are necessary for the company to complete its obligations within the terms of the contract, the company reserves the right to cancel the contract in its entirety.
    4. If, after 14 days you wish to cancel the contract, the following costs shall apply
      • Before survey

10% of contract value

  • After survey but before order of goods 25% of contract value
  • After order of goods

50% of contract value

  • After commencement of works

100% of contract value

  • If the company cancels the contract

At directors discretion depending on reason

  • Our employees, installers and sub contractors expect to work in a safe environment. We will not tolerate acts of abuse, violence or threatening behaviour. If such a situation arises, we will immediately remove all employees or related tradesmen from the property and cancel the contract with immediate effect.
  1. Price and Payment
    1. The total contract value is inclusive of all applicable taxes imposed under legislation within the United Kingdom.
    2. The company operates a three stage payment system
      • Stage 1 is 25% deposit
      • Stage 2 is 50% upon commencement of works
      • Stage 3 is 25% upon completion of the works
    3. Payment is due at the above stages and is not negotiable. Failure to comply will result in breach of contract and assumption of cancellation and the above (note 4) terms will be in force.
    4. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bankers draft, building society cheque or credit and / debit card. Please note, all credit card payments will be subject to an additional charge.
    5. If for any reason you default on payment at the above stages, the company reserves the right to charge interest (before and after judgement) at a minimum of 5% above our bankers base rate until all outstanding money has been paid.
    6. If after completion of the installation there is a minor fault to which you withhold payment, this amount shall be no more than is feasible for the concern including cost of goods and labour time in installation.
    7. Under certain circumstances, the company will adjust the payment stages to suit varying reasons. For example, we offer to take a smaller deposit, perform minor works with intensive labour / minimal products, or because special agreements have been made with a customer.  In these circumstances, we will write the full payment structure overleaf.
  2. Your rights and obligations
    1. You will become responsible for all goods delivered to your property from the onset of installation. It is therefore your concern to ensure that all goods and services are properly protected from damage and theft.
    2. You will not own the goods until full payment has been made to the company.
    3. If we have to pay costs to enforce our rights of property against you will reserve the right to recover these costs from you.
  3. Liability
    1. If the property where works are to take place is a business, we will not be liable for any loss of earnings or profit through the works taking place and or breach of contract by either party.
    2. We offer a comprehensive guarantee for a period of 1 year from completion of the installation.Within this time, the company must be informed of any issues that may arise regardless of the cause.  Full details of what is / not included can be obtained from the company.
    3. We will not be liable for any pressure related issues arising once a product has been installed. We will do our upmost to offer guidance and advise on product selection, however you understand that different products are manufactured to suit varying installations and they may not always work as intended in every conceivable situation.
    4. We will not be liable for claims resulting from
      • Fair wear and tear, deliberate damage, neglect, abnormal working conditions, where our advice or manufacturer advice has not been followed, interference, modification or repair by someone other than the company.
    5. You are not entitled to reject goods, where the defect or breach would be so minimal to be unnoticed or slight that it is unreasonable to reject the goods. This includes
      • crazing/discolouration of tiles
      • colour differences between different manufacturer products
    6. Preparation for and during installation
      1. You will remove all items from the works and surrounding areas that are not part of the removal process (photos, personal belongings etc)
      2. You will ensure that you allow no one else to do anything to the works area without written authorisation from the company, including members of the household.
      3. We offer an estimated timescale for all works we undertake. This however cannot be guaranteed and we will keep you informed at all times of our progress and expected finish time.  We will not be held responsible if the installation is longer or shorter than our estimate originally given.
      4. If upon starting the works, it is deemed that further works are required, we reserve the right to charge for this. You are however entitled to seek further advice before agreeing to these works for a period of 24 hours.
      5. If after 24 hours no decision has been made we will treat this as cancellation of the contract and as such clause 4 comes into effect
      6. We will notify you of your installation date within 28 days of survey completion. If you are not able to accommodate the installation on this date the company will not guarantee works to be completed in the time implied or suggested.
      7. You understand that throughout the installation you will experience noise, discomfort and dust/dirt. We aim to keep this to an acceptable level however will not be held liable for costs arising to enable to customer to experience their ‘normal’ comfort if it is deemed excessive to general standards.
      8. You understand that should you not require the rubbish created to be removed from your property; the company will leave it in an acceptable location and will not remove ANY rubbish created during the works.
      9. The company reserves the right, in certain circumstances, to leave all rubbish created during an installation at the property involved.
  • We are unable to dispose of white goods (refrigerators / freezers etc) and it is your responsibility to arrange safe disposal of these.
  • If Asbestos is found, or there is a likelihood of Asbestos, it is your responsibility to arrange safe disposal of this.
  1. General
    1. If any of these conditions are deemed invalid or unenforceable it will not affect the other conditions
    2. If you break the contract and we decide not to take action in this instance, we reserve the right to take action in the future
    3. We strongly suggest any formal correspondence sent to the company is via recorded delivery, however you may also email, hand deliver or post to
      • Aquarius Home Improvements LTD, Unit 3, Gallows Industrial Park, Furnace Road, Ilkeston, Derby DE7 5EP
    4. This contract is used with English law and as such any dispute will be dealt with via the English judicial system
    5. If you ask us to do investigative work you understand that there is a risk of damage to your property and as such no liability will be held.
    6. We may increase the price quoted for works if the surveyor reveals complications, or extra works/goods are required not on the original contract.
    7. Any quotations given for works by the company are valid for a period of 28 days.
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Following Boris Johnson's Statement on Monday 23 March 2020, we have made the decision to temporarily close to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.


Any current installation we are undertaking will be finished where possible, but all future installations are currently postponed until the situation has become clearer.


We will still be accepting emails and telephone calls, and a skeleton crew will be working throughout to answer any queries you may have.


We will update our Facebook page, as more information becomes available but wish all our customers the very best, in this difficult and uncertain time.