You’ve decided that a fitted bedroom is the way forward and now you’re at the planning stage. Maybe you have an idea of how you want the room laid out, but if not you can speak to our bedroom fitters for advice and inspiration. Now you are starting to visualise the new room in your mind, but the question is how do you choose the colour scheme for your bedroom?

If you’re planning a home renovation, and you’re looking to give your master bedroom a makeover, here’s some advice

Top tips for choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom!

  • Choose a colour you can live with
    • For the permanent fixtures at least. When choosing colours for your new fitted bedroom think about the permanence of the design. While you might want to splash colours on the walls, or even on changeable handles, the actual bedroom fitments will be around for years so think ahead.
  • Be Bold
    • While we’re advising you to be careful with permanent fittings that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be bold in other areas. Its your room after all, and as for most of us the bedroom is the most personalised room in the house you should let your personality flow through!
      • But Tranquil
        • We’re not saying red is a bad idea, but if you want a nice tranquil room, greens and yellows are peaceful, calm colours, which might be just what you want for your new fitted bedroom. We all need some peace and tranquillity, and while we can’t always jet off on holiday, we can always shut ourselves away with a book or a magazine for ten minutes so making the room relaxing is the key!
  • Soft Furnishings
    • The bedroom might be the room we have most scope for changeable stuff. Even if you choose a neutral colour for your new fitted bedroom, you can have so much fun on the walls, at the window, with your bedding, and even with a bright chair in the corner of the room.
  • Look for inspiration
    • Be definite about what you want, use magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and the overall look of the room can be forgotten while we’re choosing each little bit. Choose a theme or a design and run with it and you’ll soon have the perfect bedroom to best serve your needs!

Colour is an important aspect in the home and thankfully in the modern age we live in we can recreate pretty much anything we want to around the house.

Be bold, be brave, but most of all be true to you.

While we can help and advise on your new fitted bedroom along the way, it’s your room and as such it should reflect your needs and taste, not just in the furniture and design but in the colours and accessories too.