The bedroom has gone from being simply a place to sleep and hang clothes to a much more utilised room, as we bring TVs and PCs into the boudoir. However, as more and more stuff makes its way into the bedroom, it can begin to feel a little bit cluttered and claustrophobic. For some, this doesn’t seem to bother them but if you’re the kind of person who cannot stand having to squeeze past wardrobes to get into bed, or someone who is forever knocking their shins and toes while navigating their cluttered bedroom, our six space saving ideas to make space in your bedroom may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Ways to save and make space in your bedroom

  • Bedroom Closets
    • If you really want to maximise the space available in your bedroom, consider the use of built-in bedroom closets with sliding doors. Closets offer access to all of the space behind the doors, allowing you to use otherwise unusable nooks, crannies and awkwardly shaped spaces – the kinds of spaces that don’t really work with free standing furniture.
  • Space Under the Bed
    • Utilising the space underneath your bed, wherever possible, seems obvious but this involves more than simply shoving stuff out of sight! There are a number of storage solutions available, which ultimately depend on the style of bed you have.
    • Many divan style beds have drawers built in but these are usually shallow drawers that have little storage space available. The way to really make the most of the space under your bed is to have a traditional wooden or metal frame and then use storage boxes or drawers that run on the floor. If you have a modern style to your bedroom, there are ottoman bed frames available in a variety of fabrics and finishes, ranging from soft velours and suede through to high gloss faux leather or genuine leather.
  • Shelves for Narrow and Awkward Spaces
    • By adding shelves to narrow or awkwardly shaped spaces you can utilise otherwise wasted wall space. There are many types of bedroom shelving available these days, allowing you to find a solution that matches the style of the room. Floating shelves and other wall shelves are a great way to maximise the available surface space in your bedroom without consuming any precious floor space.
  • Add Shelves Over Doors
    • Over door shelving is another great way to create storage space in your bedroom without taking up floor space. There are many way in which you can create over door storage, ranging from simple, traditional plank and bracket shelves that sit directly above the door frame, through to overhead storage boxes or wardrobe top boxes.
  • Wall Mount as Much as You Can
    • By wall mounting as many bedroom items as possible you are making extra floor space available, which in turn will instantly make your bedroom feel more spacious. There are lots of things that can be mounted to the walls of your bedroom instead of cluttering the floor. You can mount linen baskets to the wall, you can attached jewellery storage to the wall, you can hang accessories baskets from the wall, you can even mount a folding desk to the wall!
  • Mirrors Create the ‘Illusion’ of Space
    • If you are attempting to make space in your bedroom in a bid to make the room feel less claustrophobic then the addition of large wall mirrors and mirrored furniture doors is the way to go. Not only will mirrors create a more open feel to your bedroom, they also come in handy when you’re checking yourself before you go out. This is where full length door mirrors