Anyone who’s lucky enough to find themselves with an empty spare bedroom maybe wondering what on earth to do with the extra space. What a lucky problem to have! Perhaps your kids have gone off to study somewhere or moved out permanently. Maybe you’ve just always had a spare bedroom and over the years it has turned into an unofficial storage area.  We’ve created this piece of inspirational bedroom ideas just for you!

Whatever your situation, wanting to make the very most of a spare bedroom is a great idea. Not only will it give you a new space to enjoy, it’ll also add some extra value to your home. All you’ve got to do is decide upon what you want and that’s why we’ve written today’s post – to give you some inspiration!

Here are 10 inspirational bedroom ideas to give you some real food for thought:

1. Man cave

The trusty man cave is a safe haven for the man (and boys) of the house to hang out with buddies, watch sports, play video games and drink beer (or soft drinks).

Just be warned though that the actual renovation efforts will be a doddle compared to securing permission from your other half.

2. Second bathroom

Depending on the number of bedrooms your home already has, a second bathroom could be a very worthwhile addition. Imagine having no more morning bathroom queues when you’ve got guests staying. Yes, a second bathroom is a win-win for everyone in your house.

A second bathroom is especially beneficial if your spare room happens to be downstairs and there’s no other downstairs toilet.

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3. Reading room

If you’re a real bookworm, then what better use of your spare room than as a reading room. Get the lighting just right, add some really comfy chairs and elegantly display your favourite books wall-to-wall. It’ll be the perfect place to escape on rainy weekends.

4. Home bar

Another popular idea for your spare room is as a home bar. This is especially true if you regularly hold parties at your house or simply want somewhere to enjoy a drink in the comfort of your own domain. The only downside is that you’ll inevitably have to fix your own drinks though.

5. Home Gym

Gym memberships can be expensive and many people feel intimidated getting into shape in a public space. A home gym could be the answer!? While the initial cost may appear pretty hefty, think of the equipment purchases as an investment that will stand you in good stead. If they don’t get used, you can always sell them further down the line and repurpose your spare room once more.

6. Art studio

Feed your inner artist by turning your spare room into an art studio. Even if you’re just starting out, having somewhere to practise away from the distractions of the outside world is vital. A home art studio is also a fantastic place for young kids, including any grandchildren you might have, to let their artistic flare run wild.

7. Spa

It might sound a bit ambitious but there’s no reason why you can’t turn your spare room into a mini spa. After all, you only really need a bench suitable for massages, tranquil music and some fragrant incense sticks. You could get professional masseuses to visit your home, or start some training of your own. Who knows, maybe it will result in a new career!?

8. Coffee room

Serious coffee drinkers often appreciate their favourite beverage more in a bespoke environment. Fit it out with café-style tables and chairs, Wi-Fi access and a small fridge for cakes to achieve the ultimate home café experience.

9. Plant room

For people who don’t have the biggest gardens, why not create one indoors? Make sure there are plenty of display shelves, a sink for washing purposes and somewhere to store your gardening tools. It’s an idea that could even double up as a coffee or reading room.

10. Music room

Ever thought about learning to play a musical instrument? Most people have, and you can start if you’ve got your own music room at home. Maybe you just want to reminisce by dusting off that old clarinet and giving it a blast. Just be prepared to sound proof your new music room to prevent any issues with your neighbours.

So that’s 10 ideas for transforming your spare room. All you’ve got to do now is make one of them a reality. Check out our other recent post on What to Look for When Selecting a Building Professional for some more great advice.