The idea of home renovations can be a bit daunting, but like most things if you make it into an adventure it can be really good fun, particularly if you are leaving the hard work to us.

Whether you’re having a new fitted bathroom, fitted bedroom or a brand new fitted kitchen, we’re here to help but before we start ripping your home apart, it’s time to build the project and that’s the fun bit!

It used to be that you’d need scrapbooks and lots of magazines on perfect homes, but with the Internet you can pretty much find anything online.

That’s not to say scrapbooks aren’t fun and building colour swatches and getting ideas together is definitely the best fun of the lot, however you do it!

If you’re thinking of home renovations here’s a rundown of how you can plan your project!

  • Inspiration
    • Whether it’s Pinterest or Home & Garden magazine, start getting some inspiration for your project now. A new bathroom, kitchen or bedroom is going to look all the better for having you inspired and enthusiastic about the project! At this stage don’t worry too much about prices, or even finding the products you’re pinning or saving. Right now, you’re just setting the scene, the stressful stuff comes later!
  • Practicality
    • Think about the things you’d have in your dream room. Remembering again that dreaming costs nothing! Ok, so maybe you won’t get a kitchen door that’s big enough to ride a horse through, but you can work around your inspiration and decide what’s practical for you. Now’s the time to think about the layout of your new room, and ideas about how you’re going to use the room going forward!
  • Pricing
    • Now’s the time to talk to us. You’ve done all your dreaming, but don’t rule too much out, home renovations don’t always cost as much as you think they will and here we’ll be able to advise you every single step of the way. Whatever you want for your home renovation project, whether it’s big or small, leaving the work to us is what will make your project fun, leaving you free to deal with all the inspiration.
  • Finishing Touches
    • Hopefully you’ll have been referencing your inspiration boards from the very start and by now your dream will be becoming a reality. Using Scrapbooks or Pinterest from the beginning will be paying dividends now, giving your new room its focus. Now its time to refer back for the finishing touches, to make your new room perfect. If it’s a kitchen you may be thinking about accessories, bathrooms are often finished with soft towels and shelving, while a bedroom will be getting those boudoir touches!
  • Satisfaction
    • Wasn’t that a job well done? And with the experience of seeing one project through to the end, you may well be ready to start another.