6 Things Everyone With a Really Small Kitchen Will Understand

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6 Things Everyone With a Really Small Kitchen Will Understand

Do you dream of kitchen islands and roomy work surfaces? Do you wish for a bread bin you could leave out, and the ability to bake for twenty (even if you never need to)? Kitchens have never been more en vogue and big kitchens at that, but if you have the tiniest fitted kitchen in the world, then this is for you as were talking about a really small kitchen!

Here are 6 things you’ll understand if you don’t have room to swing a cat in your really small kitchen!

Clearing Countertops Completely

The trouble with a really small kitchen is that you can’t cook a single meal without completely clearing your countertops to allow you room to cook and prepare food.

It’s So Bad You Don’t Buy Gadgets

If you have a really small kitchen, chances are you covet the latest gadgets but when it comes to buying them, you declare the room is just too small and there’s no room! Mixing cakes by hand is standard in your house, because you just don’t have the room for a food mixer!

Unless They Are Space Saving

If you have a small kitchen, you’re probably a regular in Ikea looking for drawer dividers and things to make your really small kitchen as storage friendly as possible!

Washing Up as You Go

It’s good practice anyway but if you have a really small kitchen you may find every task is a process of using things, washing them up and putting them away. There’s no piling stuff up in the sink and the sides for later, you just don’t have the room!

Which is Why Everything has it’s Place

And that place can be quite precise and puzzle like, which means when you want that mixing bowl from the back of the cupboard, you end up with stacks of bowls and plates all over the floor!

Unless You’re Doing a Big Bake

In which case there’s quite possible cakes cooling in the garden, on the arm of the sofa and on the television cabinet…Now where did I put the chocolate ones?

Don’t worry, we totally feel your pain, a really small kitchen can increase your workload tenfold, and kitchen work is already hard enough! All isn’t lost though as our team of expert kitchen fitters can make the most of any space in the most practical way. S

So if Christmas 2016 has finally made you crack, and you can’t bear to have trays of Yorkshire puddings standing around cooling any more, then make 2017 your new fitted kitchen year, contact our team and see how we can help to make your tiny kitchen work for you. Whether you want a whole new kitchen, or a kitchen rework to make it more practical, we can help and here you get the only advantage to a tiny kitchen, less room means your kitchen budget will go miles further!



Written By: John Bosworth

John Bosworth

Having spent over 15 years in home improvements, I have developed a wide range of knowledge on all things related to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms

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