Kitchen islands are a frequent feature of the luxury kitchens you often see on TV. They add a real touch of class to any kitchen and provide some additional storage space/work surfaces.

But while many people will have dreamed of having a kitchen island installed, space is usually the primary restricting factor.

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Nevertheless, you should never say never!

Here’s the lowdown on kitchen islands:

Kitchen Islands are an amazing way to get a “wow” from any guests to your home, while providing a practical use of your space. But it’s not all about the looks.

With a growing number of kitchens becoming the hub of the family home, kitchen islands bring a new flexibility and functionality to your cooking and living space, allowing you to cater for the needs of your modern family.

What Exactly IS a Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is an arrangement of your cupboards and worktops to create a usable surface and storage area in the centre of your kitchen. This space is often used as a casual dining area or breakfast bar, but it can also feature appliances, such as ovens and hobs or sinks and taps. In fact, there is no set of rules when designing an island kitchen. You can choose an arrangement that perfectly suits the space in your home and the needs of your family.

Why Choose a kitchen island?

Besides looking amazing, there are many other reasons why you should consider choosing an island kitchen, the most notable of which is the space saving use. With regards to larger family kitchens, very often the space in the centre of the room is lost as it is too small for a dining suite.

However, a sleek and stylish island worktop and cupboard arrangement can make use of this space, while creating a wow factor that’s worthy of a hit Beverly Hills US TV show. With just a little imagination and the right fitted kitchen installer you can achieve a glamorous yet practical new space for you and your family.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The calculation of and consideration for the amount of space you have to work with is key. Sure, while most kitchens offer enough space to accommodate an island kitchen, not all types of island kitchens suit all spaces.

Island kitchens come in all shapes and sizes; from simple Parisian-style island arrangements with just a small wood worktop and a few vegetable baskets beneath to grand marble worktops that sit above integrated dishwashers and wine chillers. Which of these islands is right for your kitchen depends on the amount of space you have at your disposal.

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Bring the family Together Again

Island kitchens bring new ways of using the cooking and dining space within your home. Island kitchens allow kids to sit on stools and chat to mum or dad while they cook. They also provide clean and comfortable areas to eat morning breakfast from, instead of people sitting at the dining table (which rarely happens these days).

It’s amazing how much more involved in mealtimes your family becomes when you have an island kitchen. They don’t just bring style and practicality, island kitchens really can bring your family closer together.