According to trade journalists and industry insiders, 2017 with see the rising popularity of real wood kitchens continue but it’s not just kitchen worktops and cupboards that are getting the real work with wood treatment – floors, furniture and accessories are also getting in on the act. The natural touch is for kitchens is more popular then ever, so how can you incorporate some beautiful wooden finishes to your new fitted kitchen and which kinds of woods should you use?

Choosing the Right Finishes

There are a million and one ways to bring your new kitchen to life with the natural textures and colours of woods but which is right for your kitchen?  Classic oak has, and will almost certainly continue to be a firm favourite among homeowners and with new paler oak tones and lighter finishes becoming available, this time served kitchen material even works well in smaller spaces. However, if you have the luxury of space at your disposal, deeper shades of wood such as walnut and wenge are making big moves into the kitchen. These striking woods can be used to make dramatic statements – especially when used with contrasting colours and tasteful lighting.

Painted Doors

Don’t be afraid to use paint finishes when you work with wood in the kitchen. Very often it is wise to add some solid colours to your kitchen when you work with wood.  By painting your cupboard doors you can break up colours and textures, bringing contrast to your design, while allowing you to introduce your favourite colours delicately and tastefully. One great advantage of painted doors for your wooden kitchen is flexibility. In a few years time when trends have changed and you want to breath new life into your fitted kitchen you can easily paint these doors again and create a whole new look with very little cost.

Wood Beneath Your Feet

Very often wood flooring is overlooked as a consideration in the kitchen, with homeowners opting for tiled floors and vinyl instead. This is due to concerns they have about moisture resistance and the overall ability of wood flooring to withstand the wet and greasy kitchen environment. This is where engineered wood flooring comes into play. Typically consisting of a softwood or multi-layer plywood core and a real wood top surface, engineered wooden flooring has a greater resistance to spills and messes and therefore is the ideal wooden flooring for your kitchen.

Compliment with Copper

2016 saw a huge rise in the popularity of copper kitchen accessories and this is great news for anyone who is thinking about how they work with wood in their kitchen. This is because the the brassy, reddish tones of copper complement many wooden finishes…especially rich woods like cherry, teak and light mahogany. What’s more, the shops are still filled with copper pots, pans, bowls, knives and a host of other kitchen accessories to add rich colours to your wooden fitted kitchen perfectly. This gives you the chance to add your personal finishing touches with ease.