Kitchens use many different materials to bring the style and practicality together and the materials you’d like to incorporate into your kitchen will be something to think about when you’re deciding on your overall styling. There’s so much to think about if you’re getting a new fitted kitchen, and having an idea of the overall ‘look’ you want to achieve with your kitchen styles is a great way to start.

Today we’re looking specifically at metals, the types, the styling and how they might work in your new kitchen!

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is the staple of any kitchen, it’s affordable, hard wearing, and whether it’s your sink, your surfaces and backsplashes, or your pots and pans, you know you have a material that will last for many years to come!

On the downside, it’s also the first metal people think of when it comes to kitchens and doesn’t have so much wow factor. It also scratches over time, and while it soon settles down to a ‘finish’, it doesn’t stay shiny forever.


Copper pans are just the dream of any culinary kitchen! They are stylish, traditional, long lasting and hard wearing. It doesn’t have to only be on the pans either, you can incorporate copper finishes throughout the kitchen, and it offers warmth and colour to your room.

On the downside, it’s expensive, you’re really into the luxury range just for some decent copper pans and using it on a larger surface can get pretty pricey. It’s also prone to react with acids, and so you will have to take care with things like vinegars and fruit juices.


Zinc is becoming a common alternative for countertops, and it’s wonderful for a traditional kitchen due to its unique characteristics. Zinc is a living metal and that means it changes over time, to develop patina and pattern.

The advantages to zinc are also the disadvantages, and whether you choose it will depend on what you want from your kitchen. Zinc is heavily reactive, which means everything marks it, water, fingerprints, lemon juice, pretty much everything you get in a kitchen. However, in a very short time, this dulls down to a wonderful patina and gives the most beautiful work surfaces ever, if it doesn’t drive you mad in the meantime!

Metals Used In Fitted Kitchens

They’re the most commonly used metals in the kitchen, and of course you can use a combination of materials to get the finish you want to from your completed fitted kitchen. When making your decision, you’ll want to think about the materials you’ll used along side them, the woods you have chosen, and the other fittings that are going into your brand new kitchen.

It’s a lot to think about, but investing the time before you start your renovation, will ensure you end up with your dream kitchen at the end. We’re always on hand to advise on every step of the process, so just get in touch and we’ll help you design your perfect kitchen.