Often children don’t need space, they need creativity because with all the toys and books and things they need, the child’s bedroom can get pretty crammed! It seems to be an ongoing problem for parents, never enough space for everything and insufficient storage for them to be organised. However, if you’re looking at getting our team in for some new fitted bedrooms, we can help with the kids space too and have this handy guide full of ideas for childrens bedrooms!

Ideas for Childrens Bedrooms

With a few space saving ideas, a bit of creativity, and built in fittings, customised to your needs, you can completely forget worrying about space and your kids will love it too. Here are some ideas for the smaller child’s bedroom to give you some inspiration in planning the room:

  • Under Bed Storage
    • Whether you have a bed stacked on drawers, a cabin of loft bed or bunk beds, using the height of the room to create under bed storage is a fantastic solution for a child’s room. The bed is often the largest piece of furniture in a child’s room, and by utilising the floor space it stands on you can create a lot more space in your child’s room. Speak to us about our ideas for children bedrooms and about how you can best fit storage under the bed in your child’s new fitted bedroom.
  • Fitted Wardrobes and Storage
    • While you may consider fitted wardrobes for an adult room, when it comes to it, we have lots of ideas for children bedrooms and we can help with storage space too. It’s easy to buy free standing bedroom furniture from the likes of Ikea or Argos for example, but having wardrobes and storage fitted into the space, utilises every inch of your child’s room. Fitted bedroom furniture also eliminates the topple risk for small children climbing furniture. You may tell them not to do it, but they will anyway and a professionally fitted bedroom is a safer space.
  • Colour and Light
    • While colour and light don’t add space, they do add the illusion of it. Neutral colours are a great way of expanding the space, and you can always add a colour theme in the fittings or with wall hangings. Consider blinds instead of curtains to make the most of the window and keep it clutter free, do get these properly fitted though for small children as blind cords can be a hazard. These are the kind of things you can speak to our team of fitters about and ensure your child’s space is as safe as possible.
  • Create a Cosy Nook
    • Children love tiny spaces and incorporating a little nook in the corner of the room is a great way to give them a hideaway to read or play. You could even consider a hammock or a hanging chair if you really want to get every inch out of your space.

Whatever your plans for your children’s room, talk to our fitted bedrooms team and the ideas for children bedrooms we have. We can work with you to realise your dream space, and you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that your children’s room is professionally fitted, safe and suitable for its use.