If you’re thinking of home renovations then a fitted bedroom might be pretty high up on your list! Wardrobes that fit to the space provide so much extra storage and are so easy to keep clean and tidy you’ll wonder why you didn’t organise your space years ago, and a new bed for fitted bedrooms are a great idea!

Firstly you must speak to your bedroom fitter to find out what will fit in your new space, then it’s just a case of styling so we have some of the most popular bed styles here and the kind of bedrooms they work well in.

New Bed For Fitted Bedrooms: What Styles and Options Are Available?

The Sleigh Bed

  • If you want to make a statement then the Sleigh Bed is what it’s all about. Grand and bold, the sleigh bed needs a larger room. And while you may think the Sleigh Bed will work well with highly ornate bedrooms, its actually best suited to a minimalist space, a feature in a modern bedroom.

The Sofa or Futon Bed

  • If you’re kitting out the spare room or a room that is only being used occasionally then a sofa bed or futon bed can fit perfectly into the space. This arrangement also means a room can offer extra storage, somewhere to sit, and even a study if you have a room that is not permanently used for one thing.

Loft beds

  • Particularly popular with young people, Loft Beds really do offer a lot of extra space, by raising the bed above the floor you get all the space underneath and these work very well when fitted in with your new fitted bedroom.

Divans and Storage Beds

  • If the reason you’re having a fitted bedroom is to offer more space then the Divan Bed is definitely the way to go. Divans offer under bed storage and are perfect for family homes where everything ends up in mum and dad’s room.

Four Poster or Canopy Bed

  • If you have a really, really big room then A Four Poster Bed out in the middle of the room makes an amazing feature piece, but don’t be tempted if you’re short on space, there’s a good reason that these beds aren’t that popular, they’re very big and they take up a LOT of space.

Whatever new bed for fitted bedrooms you would like, it’s something worth considering before you speak to our bedroom fitters. We want to offer you the perfect space to live in, and having the perfect bed to go with all your brand new storage space is incredibly important. While it’s tempting to go for pure style, bedrooms really need more than a touch of functionality and having the perfect bedrooms, and new beds for fitted bedrooms to work with your family’s needs from the master bedroom through to the space the children use, is vital for the perfect, peaceful home!