Choosing a brand new fully fitted kitchen can be hard, but if you have definite style you should allow it to flow through your home too, and if that style is retro, then we think that the kitchen is probably the best place to let this out! Retro kitchens are fantastic, an explosion of chic no matter which era you choose, but you will want to get it right, so hopefully our retro kitchen ideas will help!

Kitchen Ideas For Retro Kitchens – How?

  • Choose your Era!
    • This is so important! Rather than have a mish-mash of retro stuff, which can just seem like a huge clash, choose one era and style your kitchen around that era.
  • Style not Dated
    • You want to go for retro chic in your new fitted kitchen, you don’t want it to look like the kitchen hasn’t been changed since the 1950s, so keep it retro but with a modern twist, you’re going for style, not a dated old look.
  • Choose your Colours
    • You have your era, now choose two colours from that era. You can browse the Internet or Pinterest to see what was hot during your era, and choosing two colours and following it through as a theme will make your new fitted kitchen stylish and chic.
  • The Actual Kitchen
    • This is where we come in, have a chat to us about how you’d like to incorporate your vintage style into your brand new fitted kitchen. On a practical level you may choose a timeless kitchen and throw in some retro accessories, but if you want to go the whole hog and have a real vintage style kitchen, we can help you find some modern units and counters, that ooze retro style. Our kitchen fitters will happily work around all your requirements to ensure you’re happy with the final result.
  • Vintage Advertising
    • In our opinion a bit of vintage advertising is the perfect thing to set off a vintage kitchen, whether it’s Warhol’s Tomato Soup, or the 1960s Coca-Cola sign, that vintage sign will make your retro kitchen the envy of all your friends.
  • Accessorise!
    • Whether it’s modern accessories with a retro twist, or things you’ve picked up at flea markets or on eBay, the accessories you add to your kitchen will complete your retro look. Thankfully retro is hot property and you can get many modern appliances with a vintage feel, for the rest scout around and again, take inspiration from Pinterest and the Internet and check out some real kitchens from your chosen era.

Whatever you want from your new fully fitted kitchen, we’re here to help. Everyone has their dream kitchen in their heads, as fully formed as the dream wedding we dreamed about as children, now all that’s left to do is contact us and talk to the team so we can make your dream a reality! And if you’re wondering that your dream might come with a nightmare price tag, you really don’t need to as our family run business prides itself on good value too, retro style.