Home improvements are always exciting, even if they can be a little chaotic. Brand new surfaces, fresh walls and the chance to start again with a fresh room, it’s a real treat! If you’ve had your brand new fitted kitchen installed then your old accessories and implements might be looking a little drab and stale against your gleaming new kitchen, so it might be time to think about accessorising fitted kitchens!

The idea of buying all brand new can be a bit daunting, will it all work? Will it go together well with your theme? There’s so much choice for accessorising fitted kitchens, and you want to ensure you have the best ones for your chosen style of kitchen, so now the kitchen fitters have left, here are some tips listed by kitchen style on the best accessories to finish off your brand new fitted kitchen.

Accessorising Fitted Kitchens : Your Style – Your Choice

Farmhouse/Traditional Kitchens

  • If you have a rustic farmhouse kitchen, you’re going to want to accessories accordingly. Think wood rather than steel, with chunky fittings, traditional style pans and rustic dishes and bowls! If you’ve gone down the traditional farmhouse kitchen route then you can get some beautiful vintage accessories at flea markets and boot sales, completely your kitchen in true rustic style.

Modern Kitchens

  • Modern Kitchens are probably the easiest fitted kitchens to accessorise because less is definitely more! Although saying that, kitchen accessories are often essential items, so you will still need to buy some new implements and tools and when you do so you should be looking for minimal, functional accessories.

Contemporary Kitchens

  • With clean straight lines and timeless style, accessorising fitted kitchens that are contemporary is great because they allow you to be as eclectic as you wish. Mix it up with new and old, modern and traditional, keeping function as the main aim.

Classic Kitchens

  • Again if your kitchen fitter has just completed a classic kitchen for you, then you have a lot of scope for matching accessories, keep it simple, but classic. Black and white, lots of steel and traditional yet stylish implements and tools are going to offset this kind of kitchen beautifully.

Modern Kitchen

  • If you’ve gone all modern with your new kitchen you may be looking for some chunky brightly coloured accessories! Head to Ikea, it doesn’t have to be expensive and you’ll have the whole room looking modern and functional in no time at all.

The Mediterranean Kitchen

  • If you decided to recreate that perfect kitchen you had in your villa last summer then you may be enjoying a little taste of Spain in your brand new fitted kitchen. Traditional is definitely the way to go here, balsa wood accessories and lots of terracotta will make your kitchen finish simply perfect, and don’t forget that bowl of fresh oranges and lemons, you can always buy fake ones if you can’t keep the fruit bowl topped up!

Having brand new kitchen tools and accessories to go with your new bespoke kitchen is just going to finish the room perfectly, and make it feels like yours, and like home!