Are you in the market for a new fully fitted bathroom? If you are, you’ll know that there’s a lot of competition out there. Around us in Ilkeston there are at least another 15 professional bathroom installers, and a great many more as you expand your search area. All that choice can make it difficult to decide on a professional fitted bathroom company who you partner with to make your new bathroom dreams a reality.

It’s also a reason why some people decide to do the work themselves or get some friends to help them. The wide choice available makes it really difficult to decide who to choose to complete your new fitted bathroom.

While having a family friend, or undertaking the work yourself is absolutely an option, it’s not one that always affords the best results in terms of both cost and quality. That’s because some DIY bathroom projects run into difficulties and homeowners end up having to find someone else to rectify or finish the job for them.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional fitted bathroom company:

1. Great ideas

First and foremost, a professional bathroom installer will have worked on lots of different projects in the past, meaning there’s a good chance they’ll have completed a job similar to the one you want doing. This means they’ll not only know the pitfalls of such a project, but they can also offer constructive ideas to help make your project more of a success.

2. A tailored service – budget & requirements

With a company that specialises in bathroom installations, you can benefit from a tailored service. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with many things in life and that’s certainly true when it comes to rejuvenating a bathroom.

We are able to work with you to design a bathroom that fits your requirements and your budget.

3. All the materials & labour are included (most of the time anyway)

Once you’ve locked in a price with your chosen bathroom installation company, that’s it! All the materials and labour ‘should‘ be included, so you don’t get any surprises halfway through the project. This allows you to budget accordingly and know exactly where you are in terms of cost. If you make the decision to have Aquarius Home Improvements undertake your new bathroom installation, we ensure that there are no hidden extras or nasty surprises.

4. Experience

If you needed a tooth removed, you’d go to a dentist (well at least we hope you would). So, if you need a new fully fitted bathroom, you should go to a company that boasts plenty of experience. Fly-by-night outfits are, unfortunately, quite common. While they might offer you a price that you can’t refuse, the workmanship and quality of materials will almost certainly leave you disappointed.

5. Guaranteed peace of mind

All of the above provide you with guaranteed peace of mind. Any good professional bathroom installer worth his salt should provide you with an extensive peace-of-mind guarantee that includes both the materials and the workmanship.

We are a professional fitted bathroom company you can trust with your improvement!

We have been trading since 2006 from our home town of Ilkeston, and serve our customers in their own homes with our professional and approachable service. We take pride in our work and want to keep our sterling reputations intact. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure your new bathroom project is a complete success.