When homeowners start to consider the cost of bathroom fitting and the purchase of a bathroom suite, they can very often come up with hugely varying prices. So, how do you know what you should be paying when looking at the cost of fitted bathrooms? It’s a simple case of research and a little basic maths ascertain the cost of a fitted bathroom.

You should always be realistic about what your needs are in relation to your budget. You can spend tens of thousands of pounds on a luxury bathroom installation, but you don’t have to go all out with the cash to have a professionally fitted, high quality new bathroom. In fact, we offer a fully fitted bathroom for £4,495, which includes a high standard suite that meets all of the washing and hygiene needs for a modern family home.

When you have a new bathroom installed, you will need to employ a host of varying skill sets. This in turn requires a number of highly experienced and skilled tradesmen to accomplish the perfect job. There are electricians, plumbers, plasterers, tilers, labourers and possibly gas engineers to pay for. This is before you buy your bathroom suite, your flooring, your lighting, your tiles and other fixtures!

However, comparing prices of your suite and decorative finishings is far easier than acquiring accurate price guides for the previously mentioned tradesmen.  The tradesmen must be considered when calculating the cost of a fitted bathroom for your home.

  • Bathroom Suite:
    • It all starts by choosing your bathroom suite. This is often where the biggest price variances can be found. You can spend anything from four hundred pounds or so on a basic bathroom suite up to the thousands and thousands but in reality most people don’t indulge in such incredibly lavish tastes and often spend no more than fifteen hundred pounds on their suite.
      Cost: £800-£2,500

What is The Cost Of A fitted bathroom?

Next comes the most important elements when working out the cost of a fitted bathroom…the tradesmen.

  • Rip Out:
    • The first job to include when estimating the cost of a fitted bathroom is the ‘Rip Out’, as it’s known in the trade. In reality, there is little ripping out of old bathroom suites. This is a skilled removal job that requires experienced professionals, if you want the finishes of your new bathroom to be just perfect.
      • Time: 1 day
      • Cost: £250-400
  • Wall Preparation:
    • The next consideration in the cost of bathroom fitting is the wall preparation. An experienced and skilled plasterer is required if you want a professional finish to your new bathroom. Nobody wants wonky walls or tilted tiles!
      • Time: 1 day
      • Cost: £250* (Assuming tiled walls are requested*)
  • Plumbing (First and Second Fix):
    • Arguably the most important tradesman to consider when having a new bathroom installed is the plumber or plumbers. It goes without saying that professional plumbing is a must for your new bathroom. The last thing you want is to have plumbing repaired or replaced once your tiling and decorating has been undertaken. This is why all of the workmanship in our fully fitted bathroom for £2,495 offer is covered by a comprehensive one-year guarantee.
      • Time: 2-3 days
      • Cost: £750-1000* (Including small consumables used*)
  • Tiling (Avg. 2x2m room):
    • The ultimate finishing touches in a new bathroom are the tiles and the tiling. Although a lot of people undertake their own tiling, if you want that perfect finishing touch to your brand new room, a professional tiler and high quality tiles are essential.
      • Time: 2-3 days
      • Cost: £500-£1,500* (Including adhesives and a choice of mid-range high quality tiles such as porcelain, metro tiles or mosaics*)

Dont Forget The Incidentals and Extras

The above times and prices are for a standard bathroom installation and they do not include costs for lighting installations, underfloor heating, new shower cabling, upgraded fuse boxes or any other ancillary work. For example, typically downlighting would cost £500-£600, while a new electric shower installation could cost anything from £1,000 to £1,500, which is why you must also allow for such work in your costings.

The overall cost of bathroom fitting once you have purchased your suite is in the region of £2500.  This is for a standard installation, plus any additional electrical work you require.

The very last thing to think about when having a new fitted bathroom isn’t a costing factor, it’s time. A standard bathroom fitting will take between five and eight days. This is dependent on the consecutive availability of these various tradesmen.

Simply put, just make sure that you allow for both these kind of times and these kind of prices when you are planning your new fitted bathroom and you won’t go far wrong.