Spare rooms are often neglected, either kept as a barely used study, yet another storage area or are simply left bare and unimaginative. There are plenty of great things which can be done with a guest bedroom which make it fantastic addition to your house, providing a great retreat for your guests to stay in but also adding value to your home.

We detail some of the great things you can do to transform your dull spare room into a fantastic guest bedroom below.

Make Your Clutter Interesting.

If you’re used to having your spare room as a bit of a storage room, you don’t have to lose that element completely. By adding some sliding wardrobes or under bed storage, you can still find some places to keep some of your clutter without it impacting the room.

Make a feature out of your books and magazines, you can keep them next to the bed to provide your guests with something interesting to read.

Guest Bedroom : Keep Furniture Simple, But Build Up The Décor.

As your room isn’t going to be in constant use, you won’t want to spend a fortune on furniture for it. Spare rooms are great for putting your older furniture but giving it a touch up. Adding some colour or even chalk paint onto old wooden furniture can give it a brand new look using a touch of vintage inspiration. Put more effort into the décor of the room with details such as clocks, ornaments, layering blankets and so on and fresh flowers can also make a room brighter and more inviting.

Add a Desk for a Multi-Purpose Guest BedRoom.

If your spare bedroom is only going to be used on occasion, you may want to consider adding a desk too. There are some great things you can do to create a desk within a limited space, including floating desks that take up hardly any room, whilst chairs can be moved around easily. A desk in your guest room will make it feel more authentic, with that hotel style quality, and can always be used by the rest of the household for work or study. You could also add a kettle and some tea and coffee if you wanted a true guest house touch.

Bedroom makeovers are just one of the services offered by Aquarius Home Improvements. If you have an idea in mind of how you’d like your guest room to look or you’d like to discuss your requirements and see what we can come up with, get in touch on 0115 9441748. We’ll be happy to talk you through your requirements and make an appointment to come and see your room as part of our free plan and design service.