If you are happiest in a clutter-free environment then installing a bedroom closet may be a simple way of creating a sleek storage option. If you’re unlucky enough to have alcoves, nooks and chimney breasts stealing the floor space in your bedroom, don’t despair. Likewise, if you have uneven walls or low beams, there’s a simple fix. It’s true that you really can hide almost anything with a fitted bedroom closet, while creating the maximum possible space for hanging your clothes.

Typically a fitted bedroom closet is built against the walls of your bedroom so they don’t appear to take up any space. More importantly, as they have no backs to them, space in front of alcoves and low beams isn’t lost. In fact, closets are most prevalently found under sloping rooves and in front of awkward spaces. This makes them perfect for loft conversions and intricately shaped bedrooms in older buildings.

Not Just Sliding Doors and Hanging Rails

Bedroom closets come in many shapes and sizes, with almost limitless styles and designs to suit just about every bedroom imaginable. As a rule, these closets are fitted with a varying number of sliding doors that allow easy access to all parts of the storage space. However, when it comes to the interiors of bedroom closets there are very few rules. Whether you want to hide chests of drawers inside them or you want rows and rows of space for hanging, a bedroom closet will meet your needs. There are many ingenious and innovative interiors that you can buy for your bedroom closet these days. Whether you want simple hanging space in abundance or you want shoe racks, jewellery draws, mirrors and even space to secure a home safe, a bedroom closet is guaranteed to meet your needs – hiding everything away neatly.

Not ‘Those’ Closets

When many of us think of bedroom closets we may be forgiven for thinking of the mirror-fronted, noisy and stiff DIY arrangements that were commonplace in the eighties and nineties. However, these days the choice of frontages to closets is huge. You can have real wood folding doors, high-gloss sliding doors with soft close buffers and smooth runners, veneered traditional opening doors, glass doors…you name it and you are pretty likely to be able to have it. This means that fitted bedroom closets are suitable for all kinds of bedrooms from traditional country cottage bedrooms to ultra-modern designer apartments.

Easy Makeovers

Because fitted bedroom closets are largely made up on the outside of doors, when you decide to redesign your bedroom in the future, changing the look of your closet is a simple case of replacing doors. Remember how we said that closets come in all shapes and sizes? Well this means that you can completely transform your bedroom with a coat or two of paint and some new closet doors. This can lead to huge financial savings in the long run – especially if you have a professionally installed bedroom closet that will last for many years to come.

In short, if you want to have a clutter-free, yet practical and beautiful bedroom, a fitted bedroom closet is a sure-fire way to help achieve this!