If you’re at that time in your life when the children have left home, and you’re left with an overrun of space it can feel like you’re rattling around your castle. You spend your life trying to ensure you have enough space for the whole family, and suddenly they’re gone, the goals have changed and you have an abundance of dusty corners. You can of course leave your children’s rooms just how they are, after all they might come back one day. Stuff that! Here’s your chance, they’ve got their own place now and it’s time to repurpose the spare room!

Repurpose the spare room – Ideas to get you started!

  • A Man Cave
    • Whether you’re a collector, a gamer, or you have some other male obsession, this is the perfect time to recreate it in your own space; somewhere to escape and indulge in your obsession in peace. Whether that’s video games, or painting World of Warcraft figures, or maybe a bit of wood turning, that spare room is screaming out to be repurposed to your needs. Talk to us about how we can build your dream to your requirements, so you don’t even need to lift a finger to create a brilliant space.
  • The Library
    • If you’re a reader you may have dreamed of having your own library one day, well now’s your chance. The kids are off and doing their own thing, now’s the time to fit some floor to ceiling bookshelves and maybe even a comfy built in nook under the window. We don’t just help with kitchens and bathrooms, we can help here too to create your dream library.
  • A Movie Room
    • If you love watching movies the why not look at creating your own home cinema? It doesn’t have to be big to create that cinema feel, all you need is a nice big screen on one wall and with today’s technology this is easy. Think about the things you’d like included and then talk to us to see how we can build you in some fittings to complete your dream room!
  • A Bar
    • If you entertain a lot, then why not create your own tiny pub? Eating and drinking out can be expensive today, and with a bar, and some funky fittings you can have the ‘Home Inn’ in no time at all! If you’re worried that building an entire bar might be beyond your carpentry skills, then don’t worry as our professional team can help along the way!
  • A Games Room
    • If you like to have the grandchildren to visit, then you can turn that extra bedroom into a games room, making gran and grandpa’s house the best place to visit! A dart board, a fuzball table, and lots of toys and games will require organised storage, but we can help here too, to create a dream room to be remembered forever.

Let your imagination run wild, after all you’ve been waiting for this day since the early days of sleepless nights. Empty nests don’t have to be sad, make your space cool and let us help repurpose the spare room.