Childrens bedrooms can often be busy spaces with lots going on and very often they’re not the tidiest of rooms either. However, with some careful planning and the right team to help you, it is possible to create a space that expresses your child’s personality and tastes, while including all of the storage and sleeping space that your child will need too. Take a look at these handy hints and ideas that will help you to make a fun and practical place for your kids to play and sleep.

Sleeping Space:

  • If there’s one room in the house that needs extra sleeping spaces it’s the kid’s bedroom. Not only do children’s rooms often get occupied by family guests who come to stay – your kids will more than likely want to host sleepovers as well. At his point, having occasional sleeping space can be critical but you don’t want to take all of the floor space up with a double bed. Where will the kids play then? Instead you should consider buying beds that can be converted from singles into doubles, or perhaps you can squeeze in a sofa bed?

Hide Mess:

  • If you want your kids to keep their bedrooms clean, you should ensure that they have space to put everything away. This is where fitted bedroom cupboards and wardrobes become invaluable. Consider how you use the internal space of such cupboards and wardrobes too. If storage space is limited, use bigger units with hanging rails with open spaces beneath. This allows for maximum storage in minimal space. However, if you have the luxury of lots of space to install wardrobes and cupboards, consider including shelving, drawers and storage boxes inside them. It’s always easier for your kids to tidy things away when everything has a place.

As childrens bedrooms are often smaller, awkwardly shaped rooms, sliding closets are often a great way to maximise storage, while creating sleek lines and flat surfaces, and while hiding those alcoves and nooks.


  • Kids are famed for changing their minds, and redesigning and decorating their bedroom every time that they do can be both time consuming and costly. A good way to transform a fitted kids bedroom without a complete rip-out is by changing closet and cupboard doors. By simply swapping the doors and door handles to your child’s bedroom furniture, you can totally revamp their room. As the same trick cannot be so easily achieved with free standing furniture, this is another great reason to have fitted furniture.

Another tip for children bedrooms is to choose plain doors – this has two great benefits. Firstly, plain doors tend to be the cheapest option when installing a fitted bedroom, which means that you can keep costs to a minimum from the outset. Secondly, plain closet and cupboard doors can easily be personalised with stickers, decals and other fun art, which allows your child to bring their own personality into their bedroom design.