For most of us, dropping off at night is the most natural thing in the world. However, for some people getting some shut eye is not so simple. Of course, there may be many reasons behind spells of insomnia, with more common causes being medical or psychological. However, for a large number of people their actual bedroom and sleeping arrangements are stopping them from falling to sleep when they need to…and this is something that can often be easily remedied with some home improvements. That’s right, you really can get a better night’s sleep by getting a new fitted bedroom, as we will explain.

It can be the smallest little disturbance that prevents someone from dropping off to sleep, such as tiny LED lights on TVs and charging mobile phones, or sounds making their way into their quiet bedroom. If you suffer from such difficulties, don’t despair because there are some simple steps you can take to create a more tranquil, serene and comfortable space free from lights and sounds, where you can drop off more easily.

Lose the Light:

Cutting out light from your bedroom will help to aid sleep and your windows are the number one place to start. There are many various blackout blinds and heavily lined blackout curtains that can be acquired to suit the style of your bedroom. This will eliminate light from outside entering via the windows but what about light coming from inside your bedroom? The tiny LEDs found on digital devices such as cable boxes and TVs may not seem very bright in the daytime but in the darkness of night these tiny lights can become blinding beacons that prevent you from getting to sleep. If you don’t want to banish the box from your bedroom you can always integrate your media devices into a new fitted bedroom, where you can hide those annoying LEDs behind panels and doors.

Create Quiet:

Even the slightest noises can prevent you from dropping off to sleep and these noises can come from a number of places in the home. The good news is that many unwanted bedroom noises can be eliminated with some simple modifications. Things such as soundproof plasterboards and sound absorbing underlay can make a huge difference but there’s no better way of stopping sounds from an adjacent room disrupting your sleep than installing a fitted wardrobe against the wall in question and then fill it with clothes. The good news here is that all three of these sound reducing systems can be utilised in one go if you decide to have a new fitted bedroom.

De-Clutter Your Mind and Your Surroundings:

Both modern science and ancient cultures have determined that your immediate surrounds influence both your conscious and your unconscious mind. Therefore, if you are surrounded with clutter and chaos it goes without saying that you will have trouble putting your mind to rest. Having places to store things like hair dryers, jewellery and makeup will make your bedroom feel less cluttered and this in turn will make your mind feel less cluttered too. Once again, a new fitted bedroom can be installed with all kinds of handy storage systems to help you de-clutter your sleeping space and help you to beat the insomnia blues.

So, if you are having trouble sleeping it may be worth considering a rethink of your sleeping space and perhaps use this as the basis for your perfect new fitted bedroom.