The bedroom is the one room of your house where you can really let your personality shine through. Not all that many people tend to see the insides of our bedrooms, which is exactly why we have the freedom to express ourselves in them. Although we often think of bedrooms as places where we sleep, very often we undertake many other activities in there too…and not just the one that you’re all thinking right now! Many people read themselves to sleep, watch TV in bed, listen to music and use social media from the bedroom too but we’re all different. This is why it’s so very important to match you bedroom with your bedroom personality.

What Kind Of Bedroom Personality Do You Have?


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys to read in bed, it may be practical to fit a couple of book shelves or make some space for a small bookcase. Having enough light is also a key factor for bed readers. If you are having a new fitted bedroom installed, perhaps you could opt for a couple of overhead spotlights to be added above your bed? It’s also important to have a comfortable place to read from and, while propping yourself up with pillows is a great way to get comfy, a soft fabric headboard will help you to avoid any nasty bumps to your head.

Music and Drama:

While some people enjoy reading in bed, others like nothing more than lying in bed watching TV shows and movies or listening to their favourite music album. These days audio visual technology in the bedroom is commonplace, with a growing number of fitted bedroom manufacturers making allowances for flat screen TVs and audio systems to be integrated. Now you can catch up with your favourite shows or watch the latest blockbuster all from under the duvet.

Art and Expression:

Your bedroom can be used to release your inner art lover. It’s the perfect space to hang your very favourite paintings, posters and prints without having people criticising your choices, as few will see them. Your bedroom can be turned into your very own art gallery with your your tastes and your tastes alone on display…so don’t be shy.


Photographs of family and friends are a great way of making your bedroom feel like home. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing your favourite people dotted around the room both when you fall asleep at night and when you wake in the morning.


These days technology is everywhere and the bedroom is no different. A bet you have a mobile phone charger plugged in up there somewhere right now. If you’re designing a new fitted bedroom at the moment or you’re considering having a new bedroom fitted, how about adding some some wall sockets with integrated USB sockets and doing away with all of those chargers?

As you can see, matching your bedroom with your personality isn’t all about choosing the wallpaper and soft furnishings. It’s more about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy.

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