When creating a mood and feel for your bedroom, one thing that you should always pay particular attention to is lighting. While darker bedrooms may suit your sleeping needs, the bedroom is much more than a place to simply rest ones tired eyes. No matter how you use your bedroom, you need to get the lighting right and this can be more tricky than it first seems but don’t panic, as we have all of the bedroom lighting ideas you need to set the mood in your boudoir perfectly.

Size and Space

The first thing to consider when looking at bedroom lighting ideas is the size of your bedroom and the various spaces within it. The height of your bedroom should be a carefully considered factor when choosing bedroom lighting. The amount of light you need is largely determined by the size and shape of your bedroom. Try to keep the brightness of each light to a minimum but use a number of dimmer light sources to create a more delicate lighting environment. Using shorter mounted ceiling lights will allow the light to reach all parts of your room, as opposed to longer bodied fixtures, which fail to light up far flung corners and therefore require greater brightness. Overall, you are attempting to bring enough light into the room to be able to comfortably read in bed or do your hair but without the need for too much glare in your relaxing sleep space.

Identify Your Lighting Needs

Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom will almost certainly require you to use multiple installations. If you have a dressing table in the room you will need bright lighting options. Whereas, if you read in bed or have a home PC in your bedroom you will need direct lighting sources such as a lamp or spotlights that deliver direct light specifically to the area that you are using. If you are having a fitted bedroom installed, you have the luxury of being able to integrate lighting into your new furniture. This gives you the chance to bring in new, stylish light sources that are specific to your needs.

Dimmer Switches

The ultimate way to maximise the possible lighting effects in your bedroom with the least hassle is the use of dimmer switches. Instead of simply flicking a light on or off you can gently raise the brightness with these handy gadgets. You can transform your bedroom lighting from being bright enough to put on make up or style your hair to a gentle glow that is ideal for creating a more relaxed and romantic setting by using these handy dimmers.


The last of our bedroom lighting ideas is for you to consider the use of gadgets. There are many convenient, high-tech lighting control solutions that can make your life in the bedroom more comfortable. Consider speaking with a professional fitted bedroom installer about the many ingenious ways that you can take control of the light sources in your bedroom so you can set the mood with ease.