The kitchen is the hub of any home, it’s where the family collect together, and it really should reflect your personality and style. Cost, unpretentious farmhouse kitchens are a choice for many, even if they don’t live in a farmhouse because of their relaxed and practical style, and if you’re aiming for that cosy farmhouse kitchen look for your new fitted kitchen then we have some style tips for you!

Don’t worry if you don’t live in the countryside, even the most modern kitchen can take tips from farmhouse style, making your fitted kitchen a warm and inviting room in your home.

What is a farmhouse kitchen?

That’s a very good question, and we think that the style elements to a farmhouse kitchen are a warm, welcoming environment and a design that is geared towards family cooking. That means a practical unpretentious design, natural materials and a classic feel. That doesn’t mean your new fitted kitchen has to look old fashioned, it’s easy to include contemporary touches to bring your kitchen bang up to date.

How to achieve a farmhouse kitchen

If you want to achieve that farmhouse kitchen in your new fitted kitchen then natural materials are the key. Think wooden cupboards, either in a natural finish or even distressed paint. The choices are yours as long as the key elements are there.

When you think farmhouse kitchen it’s possible you’ll think of a Belfast sink, an aga, and a range, but all those things can set you back a pretty penny. Don’t worry because we can also suggest design alternatives for your brand new fitted kitchen to give you a farmhouse feel without breaking the bank.


An ideal farmhouse kitchen will have a wooden or stone floor but there are lots of materials you can take advantage of to get that farmhouse feel. Even a concrete floor can look brilliant in the right kitchen, but if you’re on a budget then there are some pretty impressive linoleum options available now too that look very realistic.

Design Details

When we finish fitting your new kitchen, it’s up to you to personalise and accessorise it and little touches like mason jars, or flowers in jugs and hearty metal pans can really personalise your room and add some finishing touches. If you want a modern feel farmhouse kitchen here is where you want to look where to add a splash of colour or contemporary touches to bring your kitchen up to date too!

The advantages of a farmhouse kitchen are endless, particularly if you really do use your kitchen for family cooking. The room requires so much in the way of practical uses and that’s exactly what a farmhouse kitchen offers. If you want the heart of your home to be warm and cosy as winter casserole, then the farmhouse option for your new fitted kitchen is for you.