En Vogue Bedroom Colours for 2017 And Beyond!

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En Vogue Bedroom Colours for 2017 And Beyond!

With the winter festivities out of the way, and with the New Year well and truly under way, many of us are now turning our attention to home improvements…with bedrooms coming top of the priorities list. And the very first place you should start when designing your new bedroom colours is with the colour scheme but how do you know which colours are going to be taking centre stage in the coming year?

With our En Vogue Bedroom Colours of 2017 article, of course!

It’s all well and good choosing a new fitted bedroom that incorporates your tastes in colours and finishes but you don’t want to have to replace it all again next year because your chosen style is no longer ‘en vouge’. This is why we have researched what leading UK design experts say about bedroom colours.

The bedroom colours of choice for the coming years is most definitely green, with tropical themes being tipped by leading designers as the new trend for 2017.  Influential players in the interior decorating world such as celebrity interior designer, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Devin Alessio, assistant editor at Elle, have tipped greens as the colour to be seen this year.

Leading paint manufacturer, Dulux is in no doubt that a variety of greens will be painted on bedroom walls this year. They say on their website that we are ‘feeling connections to nature’ and that we are ‘reconnecting with our spiritual self’ and this has clearly been demonstrated with the famous paint companies new colour palettes for 2017. The majority of the green paints that Dulux are promoting for the coming year are strong but dusky greens that are accompanied by natural browns, reds and oranges.

In an article in December’s Vogue Magazine, leading designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard gave his take on colours for the bedroom and home in general. He claims that the colour green for walls, fixtures and accessories was ‘strong again’ with his clients. Martyn also claims that all kinds of greens from lime green to emerald will be incorporated in bedrooms over the coming years, with anything from wall coverings to large floor rugs utilising the versatile colour. He also says in the article that tropical prints will be very much in demand, with pillows, wallpaper and curtains sporting palm trees and tropical flowers as we head into the warmer months.

Another person who is advocating green for 2017 is Devin Alessio, who is the assistant editor of Elle magazine. Devin says that green will be used in two ways; lime greens for bold and creative types or taupes and earthy and natural greens for traditionalists. The confident use of lime greens in the bedroom will be accompanied by dusky blues and spicy reds, while the earthy greens will be accompanied by natural browns, reds and oranges.

So there you have it. The bedroom colours of 2017 are most definitely going to be green. All you have to do now is decide how you’re going to add the en vogue colour of the year into your home. What about a new fitted bedroom?



Written By: John Bosworth

John Bosworth

Having spent over 15 years in home improvements, I have developed a wide range of knowledge on all things related to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms

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