For thousands of years mankind has been using tiles to preserve against water in one way or another – from the ancient bathing pools of Rome to the tiles in your shower cubicle. And sure this was okay when it was a necessity (as it was for the Romans) but these days you have a choice when it comes to wall coverings…especially in the bathroom. A new and long overdue trend for transforming your bathroom in both style and functionality is with wetwall panels. These clever building materials have been created to offer stunning visual appeal, while offering unrivalled practical properties.

What are WetWall Panels?

Simply put, wetwall panels are exactly what they say they are. They are wall panels that are used as modern, convenient and versatile alternatives to the traditional ceramic tile – most commonly in wet room arrangements in the home and commercial premises. These Wetwall panels come in a variety of forms, including acrylic, stone, glass and even woods such as bamboo. They aren’t just used as wall coverings either. These wetwall panels can be used to divide larger spaces – possibly using frosted glass partitions for modesty areas. Likewise, the glass panels also can be used to create stunning shower areas, as opposed to the typical cubical or tub and curtain arrangements. This is where choosing a skilled and reputable fitted bathroom specialist comes in. Their designers will be able to show you how these wet room wall panels can be used to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Why Choose WetWall Panels?

For starters, these bathroom and wetwall panels offer a moisture resistance level that is far, far greater than that of traditional tiles and grout. This allows you to create indulgent bathrooms with wet room areas with no potential damp risks to your property, while continuing one stylish theme throughout the room. And your choice of your style is almost limitless thanks to the huge variety of materials and designs at your disposal when choosing your ideal wet room / bathroom. Although the most advantageous feature of wet room wall panels is their versatility. These panels can be easily used to bring sharp, clean lines to the most crooked of bathrooms. What’s more, the maintenance is nothing compared to the regrouting of tiles and cleaning of mould that tends to build up easily on ceramic tiles.

They’re Not Just for the Walls!

These wetwall panels can also be used to create stunning-looking and hard-wearing floors for your bathroom, once again making great water resistant alternatives to tiles. And you can say goodbye to that tired artex ceiling or peeling wallpaper hanging down too. These fully waterproof wet room panels can also be used to create practical and breathtaking ceilings to put finishing touches on beautiful bathrooms.

With all of this said, the traditional ceramic tile has been a loyal servant to mankind for centuries and centuries, and it will continue to have its place in traditional bathrooms across the world…although the twenty-first century is most definitely the age of the wet room panel!