So you’ve decided on your brand new fitted kitchen, you’ve planned out your space, you’ve decided on your kitchen design, but there’s so much to think about. Counters, tiles, accessories, it’s simply endless! The whole process can be a little draining, and if you’re out of inspiration for your fitted kitchen then hopefully our on trend ideas and additions can help.

You might be all out of ideas for those finishing touches, but they are the thing that is going to make your kitchen and give it that edge as the most beautiful room in your home.

Whats really ‘On Trend’?

Chunky Butcher’s Blocks

  • If you’ve spoken to the kitchen fitter and there’s just no room for an island in your brand new fitted kitchen then don’t despair as there are some beautiful chunky wood butcher’s blocks around right now and they are bang on trend!

Bold Industrial Flooring

  • Industrial style flooring is all the rage right now, especially in hardwood. It’s eclectic, rustic and offers that perfect salvaged feel for your brand new kitchen. Wooden flooring is a warm, inviting solution and there is so much choice right now, you’ll have fun deciding.

Chunky Chalboards

  • It’s amazing how small things can make such a difference to your brand new room. A chunky wooden chalkboard is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and offers a place to keep notes as well as being incredibly stylish.

On Trend Retro Brick Tiles

  • Remember the brick tiles from your Victorian Primary school or swimming baths? Well these are hot news for kitchens right now and look absolutely beautiful. Practical and hardwearing, you’ll get years of out this design, and the pale pastels available mean it won’t feel too ‘London Underground’.

Granite Worktops

  • If you’ve gone for that classic luxury kitchen then no doubt your new cabinetry is beautiful! Hopefully you’ve gone for a sleek new flooring too and now some beautiful granite worktops will keep your kitchen bang on trend, and offer some timeless classic style too.

Bold Taps

  • Whatever sink unit you’ve chosen, the right taps are going to make this finish perfect. You want something practical that you can use, but with some fantastic contemporary designs on the market right now, you’ll have loads to choose from. Cubes and sharp edges are fashionable right now but make sure you can use them, as they need to be functional for wet and full hands in a busy kitchen.

Overall if you’ve splashed out on a brand new fitted kitchen, then it’s worth not scrimping on this finishing touches as they really do make all the difference. Our team can talk you through any ideas you have, and our professional kitchen fitters will do anything they can to work around your requirements, and offer expertise on your new fitted kitchen. Good accessories and features really do make a good kitchen, ensuring it’s stylish, practical, and the hub of your home.