The traditional farmhouse kitchen really is the piece de resistance when it comes to kitchens, the most perfect of all kitchens and the top of many people’s dream list. Of course a traditional farmhouse kitchen is not for everyone, the rustic theme can be hard to maintain and some people prefer more modern fixings, but if you’re dreaming of a farmhouse kitchen then you may well have realised, they aren’t awfully eco-friendly.

Old Agas that run on kerosene oil aren’t considered eco-friendly at all, and many features of a farmhouse kitchen aren’t really considered modern-friendly. However, there are ways you can have the best of both worlds,

A Traditional farmhouse kitchen with modern energy ratings!

The Aga

We all dream of an Aga but they can be pretty draining on the environment, especially as the older ones aren’t gas plumbed. Saying that, they do last a lifetime, and they heat the home, so if you’re lucky enough to already have one, well there’s really no justification in getting rid!

If you are looking for a stove that is farmhouse kitchen inspired, then modern agas are expensive but they’re much more eco-friendly, but with so many large modern ranges now available in oldy-worlde styles, you should be able to find something modern that fits into your farmhouse theme!

All That Wood

Granted, there’s a lot of wood in a farmhouse kitchen, but there’s also lots of scope to repurpose wood that has been used elsewhere. While you may want brand new wood for your cupboards and counters, there are lots of areas you can incorporate repurposed materials and they look rustic too!

And the Floor

The same goes for the floor and wall too. You’re already going for a rustic theme so repurposed floor tiles might just look beautiful and be a feature in your new kitchen! Repurposed tiles are harder to get, but mixing new tiles with the odd feature tile such as Victorian patterned tiles is both eco-friendly, and eclectic.

Long Lasting Materials

While it may cost a bit more to have long lasting materials in your new kitchen, it will pay for itself many times over in the life of your kitchen. Rustic styles include granite and quartz worksurfaces, heavy hardwoods and quality supplies, but it’ll last a lifetime and is both eco-friendly and hardwearing!

Invest in Eco-Friendly Accessories

When you have your kitchen organised, you’ll want to add accessories. You don’t have to go for a stove kettle to save money as there are lots of eco-friendly alternatives on the market with eco-energy electric kettles available at many big retailers. Feature lighting is also a consideration, by investing in more eco-friendly bulbs, you can save money, and save the world at the same time!

Live the Simple life

And of course the whole point of your farmhouse kitchen is to live that idyllic life, and once your beautiful new kitchen is complete, you’ll want to cook lots of delicious dishes from scratch and bake lots of cakes too!