When you think about home improvements, it’s often the big installations like new fitted bathrooms that claim the credit for creating the ‘wow’ factor. However, it’s not just the Italian floor tiles or the latest power showers that make big impressions. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter – the finishing touches that can really make your bathroom look, feel and function just as you want it to. And for this reason we have put together some of our top tips on how to accessorise your bathroom.

Accessorise Your Bathroom

Our first tip is that you should try to follow themes wherever possible. For example, if you have modern bathroom furniture with square, geometric lines, try to stick to accessories that have similar square shapes and lines. Likewise, you should try and keep materials and finishes similar. If your bathroom furniture consists of a rounded sink and bath, and is more detailed in design with a traditional feel, adding more ornate bathroom accessories made from materials like porcelains and woods will finish off the room perfectly. The most important theme to follow in your bathroom is colour. It goes without saying that fragmented and clashing colours will undo the style of any bathroom.

Regardless of how lovely your bathroom belongings are, our next tip is to ensure that you always have a proper place for things. This may seem obvious but we are all guilty of filling window sills with toiletries and leaving grooming products by the wash basin from time to time, which does nothing for the look of your beautiful bathroom that you have worked so hard to perfect. There are countless ways in which you can create storage areas and spaces for everything you need in your bathroom – some quite novel and others more traditional. Wicker baskets fastened to bathroom walls are a great way to store towels if you have a rustic-themed bathroom, while sleek mirrored medicine wall cabinets and glass shelving could help to solve storage needs in a modern fitted bathroom.

Accessories in your bathroom and your home in general need to serve two equally important purposes. Firstly, they must help to create a pleasing style that makes your house a stunning place to be proud to call home but secondly, these accessories should largely be functional too. Sure, you are going to want to have pictures, ornaments and other decorative accessories but items such as towel rails, shower screens and lighting must both look great and function perfectly as well.

Our last piece of advice as you search for the perfect way to accessorise your bathroom is to think outside of the box. There are lots of quirky and unusual ways in which you can accessorise your bathroom, which may not have come to mind before…you just have to discover them! Who says you can’t have an iPhone dock on your toilet roll holder? Why shouldn’t you have a bathtub champagne chiller? Or why can’t you convert an old bicycle into a washstand and towel basket? The answer is simple…you can!