Wet Rooms are a pretty en vogue right now, and are a flexible and brilliant alternative to a standard bathroom. However, it’s a big change and you might be wondering whether or not a wet room will work in your home, or whether a standard new fitted bathroom might be better. Hopefully our helpful guide to wetrooms will let you decide, answering the questions you may have.

Of course, this is only a guide and we always recommend having a chat to us about your brand new fitted bathroom so we can best advise, but if you have nagging questions before you start, here we go.

Can I Have a Wet Room?

In theory anyone can have a wet room, think of your shower and how it is created to contain the water, now imagine that spread across your entire bathroom. If you room is particularly small you may want to consider a shower screen, but adjustments such as this make any bathroom the perfect space for a wet room.

  • Will it be Waterproof?
    • Your new fitted wet room will have to be waterproof and our fitters will discuss with you how they will best prime the room, creating membranes and finished with tiles to ensure your new bathroom stays waterproof.
  • Can i install a Wetroom upstairs?
    • This is a common misconception we face.  Most people don’t realise that you can install a wetroom upstairs and in most cases, its often easier than converting a downstairs bathroom into a wet room
  • How will the Water Drain?
    • Our bathroom fitters understand about gradients and drainage and will ensure that your new fitted bathroom will be the perfect wet room. This is why creating a wet room is a job for professionals, because a lot has to be considered.
  • What type of Tiles Should I use?
    • We’d always recommend non-porous tiles for a wet room as it really reduces maintenance, but there are other floor and wall coverings you can also consider so have a chat to our team about your new fitted bathroom and we can advise you there.
  • How do you Heat a Wet Room?
    • With a stylish contemporary wet room you may not want to have a big clunky radiator. Under floor works very well in the stylish wet room as it helps to dry out the floor, and keeps warmth under your feet. Heated towel rails are also popular and stylish, and allow you to stay warm while you shower.
  • What are the Advantages of a Wet Room?
    • Having a wet room really gets rid of those nooks and crannies, making it really easy to clean and maintain, but a second bathroom as a wet room can also add value to your home.
  • What are the Disadvantages of a Wet Room?
    • Unless it’s a second bathroom, there can be some privacy issues. There is also the issue of splashing in a very small bathroom, but both issues can be resolved with a shower screen.

We hope that’s helped with some of your questions about wet rooms, and how you might kit out your second fitted bathroom in your home. Our team is happy to answer any other questions you may have, including the overall cost, which may well be less than you think!