Most people love the idea of having some plants in their bathrooms, but many do not know which types thrive in such a warm, steamy environment. Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown for you right here on bathroom plants, so you can add a touch of green to your primary bathing space.

Actually, the good news is that bathrooms provide an excellent environment for many plants because of all the moisture found in them. Frequent showers and baths will provide the humidity that many of the plants we’ve outlined below love. Furthermore, because the plants listed below don’t need a huge amount of sunlight, they are perfect for rooms that have few windows (like your bathroom).

1. Spider Plants

As their name suggests, spider plants have lots of ‘legs’ and they’re a resilient addition to any bathroom. Best of all, they’re almost impossible to kill (within reason) and safe for pets, which is great if you’ve got any inquisitive four-legged friends.

2. Ivy

Ivy is the perfect house plant for people who are far from green fingered because it’s extremely easy to keep. It enjoys warm and humid conditions too, so it’s perfect for bathrooms. However, ivy does require some light, so it’s not ideal if your bathroom is pitch black throughout the day.

3. Orchid

Wonder why they usually have plenty of orchids in luxury spas and hotel bathrooms? It’s because orchids thrive in warm and humid conditions. Orchids need adequate light, but don’t place them anywhere they can get leaf burn.

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4. Fern

Fern is a great choice for pretty much anywhere in your home. It doesn’t need loads of sunlight and can survive with infrequent watering. Fern is also long-lasting and your bathroom will provide it with the rainforest-like conditions it needs to thrive.

5. Peace Lily

Green glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers make the peace lily an attractive bathroom companion. Able to thrive in low light and low water conditions, the peace lily is a beautiful addition to any bathroom that isn’t high maintenance.