So you’re having a new fitted kitchen installed, and with anything new, you can’t wait to take it out for a test drive. So how exactly do you test drive a new kitchen? Well, essentially a test drive is an idea to stretch something to its limit, to really test its boundaries and so today we have five ideas to test out your new fitted kitchen.

Some are brilliant, some are just barmy and we hope you join us with our ideas to test drive a new kitchen and have a giggle along the way!

Test Drive a New Kitchen: 5 ideas to help you on your way!

Play Come Dine With Me

You’ve seen Come Dine With Me, who hasn’t? And there’s no reason you can’t take this concept to your brand new fitted kitchen! What a brilliant way to show off your kitchen to all your friends. Just get a few friends together, set up the challenge, decide on a prize and enjoy the whole experience, while giving your brand new kitchen a test drive along the way!

Throw a Cocktail Party

If you’ve just completed a large new family kitchen, what better way to christen it than to invite a few friends over for a cocktail party? This isn’t just a boozy night in, get some canapés, some cocktails, and in your brand new shiny room, you’ll be having a proper soiree.

A Big Family Dinner

If you have a large family, then the chances are you had the kitchen fitted, to better suit the needs of your family, so what better what to celebrate and christen the room than with a big family dinner? If you get your kitchen fitted in time for Christmas, then you could work it around this special meal, but why not just have a special family meal for nothing, with nothing to celebrate but each other and your brand new kitchen!

Have a Monster Baking Session

If you really want to test the capabilities of your new kitchen, then turning into Mary Berry for the day and having a monster baking session isn’t a bad way of doing it! Think pastry, flans and pies, and show off your new kitchen features in the most practical way. Plus, the kids will love you for it!

Have sex on the counter

Well we’ve covered everything else, and we can’t think of a more fun way to ensure those counters are nice and sturdy. You’ve seen it in the movies, and it’s all brand new, you could even do it before you pull off the protective plastic! Go on, you know you want to, but pull the blinds first for goodness sake!

We hope you liked our little tongue in cheek guide to christening the new kitchen, and hopefully through the years you’ve had lots of fun days, events, and people through your happy kitchen!