We have recently heard the news that Tesco Kitchens are no longer. News sites have reported that Tesco have pulled the plug on Mark Two Distribution who were responsible for the work.  Thousands of customers have been left in the dark and various news sites are reporting this as a travesty. It has also left the future of Mark Two Distribution hanging in the balance.

Tesco Kitchens leaves customers out of pocket

Daily Mail reported that a customer had been left £10,000 out of pocket by Tesco Kitchens. They were left with no kitchen and they had paid in full up front. Many customers would have believed that buying from a large company such as Tesco would be a safe choice. This is not always the case as Tesco Kitchens used another company to do the work on their behalf.

Tesco Kitchens website taken down

Tesco now have a notice on their website advising customers of what to do if they have been affected.

We have seen various adverts online with companies claiming to be coming to the aid of customers who have been affected by Tesco Kitchens. One of the companies offering this service is Bathstore. They are offering a humble 10% off all orders for customers affected by the closure of Tesco Kitchens.

We would however be wary of such an offer from a company that was recently featured on BBC Watchdog. The programme spoke of disastrous installations, broken fixtures and months of delays. Be careful of jumping out of the Tesco Kitchens frying pan and in to the Bathstore fire.

The Bolton News reported that 200 jobs have been lost at Mark Two Distribution. This is due to Tesco pulling the plug. They are saying that Christmas has been cancelled for them.

Have you been affected by the closure of Tesco Kitchens?

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