How can you make the most of a small bathroom in your house that’s undersized? Houses are expensive commodities and many people today find it increasingly difficult to get a foot on the property ladder, let alone climb it.

As a result of the difficulty in purchasing your first home, many first-time buyers purchase modest apartments on the outskirts of towns. These types of properties are often more affordable than larger houses and their city centre counterparts.

However, when space is at a premium, it is often the bathroom that gets sacrificed. Even apartments that are described as ‘spacious’ usually only come with a small bathroom.

Here are a few low-cost tips to help maximise the space in your small bathroom

Replace your bath tub with a power shower

  • While showers do not afford the relaxation that baths do, you’ll free up a huge amount of space by replacing your bath tub with a power shower.
  • Now the reason we specifically said ‘power shower’ is because you’ll inevitably want to retain some element of luxury with your bath tub gone, and power showers are about as good as it gets.

Add a large mirror

  • A great way to make any small space seem bigger is by creating an optical illusion with a mirror. It’s a cheap, yet very effective way to give small rooms a significant size boost.
  • Upon entering, people will be tricked into believing your bathroom is actually bigger than its true size.

Want your small bathroom to appear even bigger?

Use two mirrors facing each other to create a kind of infinity effect.

Take advantage of the walls

  • Floor space in your compact bathroom is going to be at a premium, so making the most of your walls is particularly important. Put up plenty of rails, small cupboards, racks and anything else that can help you utilise the space.
  • Small bathrooms do not lend themselves well to floor clutter, so be sure to remove any unnecessary items from your bathroom floor.
    • However, having said that, too much stuff on your walls will overwhelm the space and make it seem cramped. Experiment until you get the feel just right.

Roll your towels

  • A lot of people roll their clothes when they pack a suitcase so they can fit more in. The same principle applies when it comes to the spare towels in your bathroom.
  • Rolled towels not only take up less space than folded ones, but they also give your bathroom a spa-esque feel.
    • Of course, it’s still better to hang wet towels up to dry. The rolled towels trick is only meant for clean towels, which when rolled, will retain their freshness inside.