In this increasingly fast and busy world it is easy to find yourself feeling a little stressed from time to time. However, there is an age-old cure for such tension, which is right there in your own home – the humble bath tub. It really is true that a relaxing bath can take your mind off anything and soak away the world’s stresses in the process.

There are few things in life that are as good at relieving day to day stress as a nice hot relaxing bath, which is why we have put together some tips on how to make your bathroom a perfect haven of relaxation.

If you are planning on redesigning your bathroom, you should pay particular attention to the layout and floor plan. Make sure that your bathroom is functional above all else, ensuring that there is plenty of space to move around, as relocating radiators, basins and baths later on – should you get it wrong – can be quite costly. Allow plenty of storage for toiletries, so you can keep them neatly tidied away, as cluttered shelves and window sills can cause anxiety and this will make it more difficult to truly relax and recharge.

The bath itself is another key factor to your ability to unwind as you soak away the long day. You should make sure that your bath is big enough for you to comfortably stretch out in. Comfort while bathing will be important if you really want to get the maximum benefit from your chill time in the tub. Therefore picking the right bath tub is vital. Thankfully there are many creative and cleverly designed baths that offer solutions for all types of homes, no matter if you have a small bathroom in Victorian terrace or a large and expansive bathroom in modern penthouse apartment. If you’re in the market for a new fitted bathroom, speak with an experienced, independent installation company. Their designers and fitters will be able to show you the huge array of bath options, which will help you to create a comfortable position for your recharge time.

Bathroom Lighting is always important for helping with relaxation – whether in the bathroom or any other room in your house. Ordinarily, bathrooms are lit with one or two strategically placed, bright lights that allow functionality when brushing teeth, drying hair or trimming beards. However, these bright lights will do nothing to alleviate stress or encourage relaxation. This is why we would advise the use of multiple light installations, allowing for varying light conditions according to your requirements. Oh, and let’s not forget the ultimate chill out illumination – the humble candle. By keeping sills and sides free of toiletries (as we mentioned earlier) you have space to safely light some candles, which will create an ambient light that’s just perfect for a relaxing bath.

So, if you like to take a relaxing bath to unwind and you want to optimise your bathroom to offer the most serene and stress-free environment possible, think about the points that we have highlighted and before you know it you’ll be in bubble bath heaven!