Kitchens tend to be a mix of wood and metal and right now many metal finishes are bang on trend, but maybe none so much as the copper kitchen accessory. Copper pans have long been the crème de la crème of the perfect kitchen, but now with so many copper kitchen accessories on trend, the prices are coming down and there’s more choice than ever!

Whether you’re fitting out accessories for a brand new fitted kitchen or just revamping an existing room, a few new accessories can make all the difference. And if these accessories are from the copper range, you’ll bring your kitchen bang up to date, while maintaining timeless style.

Copper Kitchen Accessories: A Timeless Classic

That’s because from Victoriana to today, copper pans and accessories have always been a staple of the classy kitchen and that’s great because you don’t want your kitchen style to go out of fashion quicker than your fridge runs out of milk.

While copper pans have always been the must have copper accessory, in these modern times there are far more copper kitchen accessories available than ever.

Today we’re looking at a few!

Copper Pans

Copper Pans used to be a specialist item but no more as they’ve become much more every day. They’re durable and hard wearing and shouldn’t need to be replaced for years and as they are now available pretty much everywhere (even Tesco sells a lovely range from £50), it shouldn’t be too hard to build your collection!

Tip – Combine with bold coloured enamels for extra style.


Copper lampshades and light fittings have never been so on trend and they add a stylish but industrial feel to your room. From shades to entire light fittings there’s so much available you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Tip – Combine with vintage filament extra large light bulbs for extra style.

Rails and Racks

If you have copper pans then you won’t want the feature of your kitchen shut away in the cupboard, you’ll want some nice copper rails to hand your pans and accessories on!

Tip – Shiny Pans on a brushed copper rail look fantastic!

Copper Storage Pots

Storage is essential in any kitchen, particularly where to put things once they are open. No one wants cupboards full of half used bags and packets, it’s incredibly disorganized, but by storing your dry goods in stylish copper storage pots, you’ll add style and practicality to your kitchen.

Tip – Mix copper and glass storage for a stylish look.

Copper Worksurfaces

While not strictly an accessory making counters from metal is an established practice in kitchens and copper is fantastic for this, not least because of the way that the metal imbibes the kitchen around it, developing a stunning patina over time. Copper worksurfaces are quite the investment, but time will only make them more beautiful.

Tip – Mix metals for other accessories if you choose copper worksurfaces so you don’t overdo it!