Its time for a new kitchen! 2015 is over and we’re into a brand new year. The decorations are packed away, the crusty old Christmas tree is languishing outside the back door because you missed the special refuse collection and the festive season seems like a mere memory. What takes a little longer to forget is how stressful it is to cook for extra people in an inadequate space and there’s nothing that shows up how fast your growing family is outgrowing the space like trying to cook a big Christmas meal.

This is possibly why the New Year is a popular time to start thinking about a brand new kitchen, after all it’s the festive season that puts the biggest strain on the hub of the house and now is the time to think about having it all finished in time for next year. What is great about Christmas is that the extra strain on the old fitted kitchen shows up where improvements are needed, whether that is extra storage, extra rings on the hob, or even extra room to eat. There is nothing like a big Christmas dinner to show up your kitchen’s inadequacies, leaving you wondering why you didn’t go for that double oven in the first place.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen, don’t be too impulsive and think careful about what you need, using Christmas as the template for your perfect meal. Here are some things to do if you are thinking about improving your space with a brand new fully fitted kitchen.


  • Write a list – Grab a pen and paper and make a list of the things you love, and hate about your existing kitchen space. While you’re there, doodle up a little sketch of your new kitchen and look at the flow of the room, the distance between appliances and how you can make the new kitchen more accessible.
  • Make an appointment with us – We’re a small business that is big on customer service, but we get busy so make that appointment to save disappointment and we can offer the knowledge of one of our expert team in your new kitchen plans.
  • Functionality and design – Hopefully you now have some idea of the functionality of your new kitchen, but design is just as important. What sort of kitchen would you like? There are so many variations today, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between, but whatever you want from the functionality of your kitchen, we should be able to find you a style to match.
  • Get it fitted – Our expert team are family run, like our business and we want to make things as easy as possible for you. It’s impossible to make big home improvements without some disruption but we’ll work with you and get the job done within a good timescale to keep things as simple as possible for you.
  • Accessorise! – Now the fun begins, you have your perfect kitchen, now it’s time for some perfect accessories, hit Pinterest and have some fun.


If you’re thinking of having a new kitchen, and would like to arrange one of our free, no-obligation quotes, then simply call us on 0115 9441748, or email us, or use on elf the contact forms on our website and we would be more than happy to help.