We’ve made the decision to move to a new address!

Since we first moved into Unit 2, Enterprise Court on Manners Industrial Estate, we’ve struggled with a variety of different things. We’ve had issues with having enough space to keep all our fantastic kitchens and bathrooms ready to be installed into customers homes, no space for our vehicles and no space for any offices or showroom.

Our new address is not only much larger for storage (with lots of little storage areas) but the main thing is that we have lots of office space with heating!

Many of our customers who’ve popped down to see us at our current premises have realised how cold it is in here and as such its going to be such a refreshing change for us to have an office with which we can provide heating.

Whilst we have never really had the space, or time for that matter, to install a showroom to showcase our bathrooms and kitchens, but our new premises does offer a large mezzanine floor area with ample room to do so.

We’ve not decided yet whether this is something we shall do, but we will keep you updated if and when we decide to use it.

When does the move to our new address happen?

We currently planning on moving to our new address over the next few weeks.  We have the keys for our new address and its now time to plan moving from Unit 2, to our new address.  We’ll keep you informed of exactly whats happening but we’re anticipating having the move to the new address completed by 1 May 2015.

Where are we located now?

We’ll be updating all of our online listing information, our paperwork and such but well let you know our new address a little early.

Our address is:

  • Unit 3, Gallows Industrial Park,
  • Furnace Road
  • Ilkeston
  • Derby
  • DE7 5EP