Quite often when a customer gets in contact with us, one of the first things they say is “where is your showroom”.  This sometimes gives us a little trepidation as we don’t actually have a bathroom and kitchen showroom.

What do we mean, we don’t have a bathroom and kitchen showroom?

Initially when we first started Aquarius Home Improvements, we simply couldn’t afford a bathroom and kitchen showroom, nor did we have any space to install one.  We were operating from our home address in Ilkeston and it quite simply wasn’t a possibility to have a showroom.

Upon moving to our first premises on Manners Industrial Estate, we did, for a time at least, have a small selection of bathroom displays and a kitchen display which showed the basic Fitted bathroom and kitchen packages that we offer.

The issue we had was that not only were we working in a small, freezing cold industrial unit, but also at the time we were in the middle of a recession and unfortunately some of the companies that we purchased products from sadly ceased trading and we were displaying products we simply couldn’t supply.

As the company grew, so did our need for space to store tiles, stock, fittings and materials and we made the decision to remove our initial displays for more storage space.

Early 2015 saw us move to bigger premises and a new address which has plenty of space for a bathroom and kitchen showroom in the form of a mezzanine floor. When we decided to move, we did initially think we would create a bathroom and kitchen showroom to display the wide choice of products available but we hit another stumbling block which most companies don’t actually think about in their bathroom and kitchen showrooms.

What should be displayed in our showroom?

One of the good things about using Aquarius Home Improvements for bathrooms, kitchens and home improvements is that we’re not tied to any particular supplier, or manufacturer for the products that we sell.  We have access to 100’s of suppliers and this gives us the edge over many of our competitors. This also creates a problem for us.  When deciding what to display in a showroom, who’s products do we actually use?  Our main supplier is frontline bathrooms, based in Yorkshire.  Their brochure alone has 1000’s of products available, all in a multitude of different styles, colours and sizes.

Duplicate this by the other 100 suppliers available, creates a problem with deciding what to display in our bathroom and kitchen showroom.

Our website is our bathroom and kitchen showroom!

A decision we have decided to make is that we would utilise our website as a showcase for the products that we sell and the work that we do.  You can browse many of our previous installations and see the large choice of tiles, suites, colours and styles that we have to offer. We also display all of our reviews from previous customers on here which in our opinion gives our customers everything that they need to make the right choice when using us for home improvements.

The space we have available within our new premises is being utilised as storage for many of the products that we sell which will enable us to keep offering the same amazing service that we always have done.