While you may buy your fitted kitchen in the hope that it won’t need replacing for years, that doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle style changes from year to year. No one wants an uber-trendy kitchen that won’t date well, but everyone still is affected slightly be trends due to what is available from producers and kitchen companies, and so today we’re looking at what is likely to be hot in kitchen trends 2017!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and so any design choices should reflect you and not just the current styles. Don’t be tricked into a trendy designer room you won’t feel comfortable in, and be careful of over-stylisation.

That aside, here’s what we think will be hot Kitchen Trends 2017:


The on trend colours right now are black and white! Right now black and white kitchens are hotter than they’ve been since the 1960s, and thankfully the colours age well so you aren’t going to have any huge regrets, and it’s easy to add a splash of colour as styles change.

High Gloss and Glass:

High gloss finishes and gleaming kitchens are in right now, and they are modern and stylish, add to the high gloss plenty of glass and you have a gleaming, shiny kitchen fit for a celebrity television show! And here in lies the problem, because it is stylistic and not always practical and so you may want to add some high gloss options, while still keeping your kitchen functional and practical.

Brass and Copper

Those gold tone metal finishes have been popular for the last few years, and it’s not likely to change any time soon with many designers throwing out yellow tone metal finishes for next year’s ranges. That said, mixed metals are becoming increasingly popular and so it’s much more practical and easy to mix and match different materials for different jobs around your kitchen.

Dramatic Lighting

The years of having a single strip light on your ceiling are over! Dramatic and feature lighting are where it’s at right now and this is one trend that we love! By lighting up different aspects of your kitchen you can create dramatic, and cosy effects, not to mention easily lighting up work areas.

Despite the kitchen trends 2017, if you’re intending on getting a brand new fitted kitchen any time soon, we’d recommend going for what you like. After all your new kitchen is likely to be around for a while so you should get something you can live with for years. That’s not to say you shouldn’t incorporate some modern aspects, and we’re here of course to guide your through the process, from the planning stage to the fitting, ensuring you get the very best out of your new kitchen fitting, whatever the style.