There’s a lot to be said for white gloss kitchens, they are so practical and easy to clean but for 2016 the kitchen trends are a changing and with that you can expect to see stunning dark kitchen cabinets in 50 shades of grey and plenty of other colours too.

Kitchen Trends 2016 And The Latest Ideas

Dark cabinets are set to be all the rage this year, and whether that’s slate grey or a moody blue, it will give your new fitted kitchen the feeling of opulence, warmth and cosiness. Here are some of the trendiest hues for kitchens this year and how they might work in your space.

Back to Black

  • Black just never goes out of style does it? Right now in the latest kitchen trends, white walls and tiles and black kitchen cabinets are all the rage! Be aware that they will show up light stains, but with the contemporary feel they offer, who cares? Go for matt black for moody trendiness, offsetting bright white accessories and tiles for a contemporary contrast! Black works very well with stainless steel and glass and will give you a modern, sleek kitchen space and keeps you right up there with the latest kitchen trends.

50 Shades of Grey

  • Mid-toned greys are oh so fashionable right now as they are dark enough to make a style statement, but aren’t overly heavy and oppressive. Stainless steel work surfaces with matt grey cupboards and cabinets will set your kitchen off a treat! To add warmth, forget the glass and stainless steel accessories and add chunky wooden stools, chopping boards and accessories to give you the perfect warm, uniformed kitchen.

Moody Blues

  • Classic navy hues offer a stylish timeless look to your kitchen and matt colours offer the feeling of space. Dark cabinetry in dark shades of blue beg for light marble counters, sleek accessories, stylish lighting and classic touches.

So there are the three hot kitchen trends for 2016, and if you’re looking around at fitted kitchens, you’re likely to see a lot of dark cabinetry! Of course, your fitted kitchen has to last you years, so it’s a case of finding a balance between current styles and the latest kitchen trends, to timeless longevity. Go for what you like, choose a style you can live with for years and then chat with our kitchen fitters to see how that might work for you and with the space you have.

And don’t forget that while stylish kitchens in magazines may look wonderful, you will have a different space at home and that space may not work with all styles. Our fitters and advisors can give you all the help you need choosing a brand new kitchen style for you!

And if you can’t quite stretch to a new kitchen but want to inject a bit of style, we can still help with a moody blue kitchen island, some new counters, new cupboard doors and handles, or simply some new touches to make your kitchen feel brand new and up to date with the current styles.