Okay, okay, so it’s still only mid-November, but whether you like it or not, Christmas IS just around the corner. And while many people might not have even started thinking about their plans for Christmas Day this year, chances are they will involve plenty of eating and drinking and getting you kitchen ready for Christmas is just as important as the rest of the jobs you’ve got to do at this time of year.

Is your kitchen ready for christmas and allow you to host your friends and loved ones to put on a feast that you’ll all remember?

Just a little bit of time spent now focussing on your kitchen could be the difference between your Christmas celebrations being a hit or a miss.

Here are some top tips to help you get your kitchen ready for Christmas:

Tackle all those minor jobs

First and foremost, address all those little jobs that have been niggling you for a while, but you’ve been putting off doing.

You’ll more than likely have at least one kitchen cupboard door that needs a new hinge or knob, so get it fixed before Christmas is here and you’re busy. Maybe you’ve got a broken floor tile or linoleum that’s seen better days. A little bit of effort now replacing them will help prepare you for the big day.

Basically, just look around your kitchen and make a list of all the little DIY jobs you can do. With Christmas coming, you’ve got a really good excuse to get them done over the next few weekends.

Is your oven big enough/up to the job?

You’re almost certainly going to have a turkey with all the trimmings on Christmas Day, as well as all manner of other snacks and party food which will also need cooking. You need to ask yourself whether your existing cooker is (a) big enough and (b) up to the job.

Cookers with multiple hobs and more than one oven can be a great investment ahead of the festive season – especially if you’ve been meaning to replace your existing one for a while. Imagine the chaos if your current cooker gave up the ghost halfway through Christmas lunch!

How about your fridge-freezer?

Whether it’s to store all the components required for your Christmas Day lunch or somewhere to put any leftover food from it, you’re going to need a decent-sized fridge-freezer.

Again, as with your cooker, if your fridge-freezer is a little on the small side or prone to playing up now and again, consider investing in a new one. While the expense can sometimes be a little hard to justify, the cost of spoilt food isn’t cheap and you can’t put a price on Christmas Day disappointment when there’s nothing to cook.

Is it time for a dishwasher?

An inevitable part of a Christmas Day feast is lots of washing up. And while some of your guests may offer to wash-up for you, you are likely to politely decline. So that means you will be left scrubbing pots and pans while everyone else enjoys the afternoon.

It needn’t be this way, though. Modern dishwashers have bigger capacities and greater efficiency than their predecessors from yesteryear. Purchasing one will allow you to take a more hands-off approach this Christmas.