A common mistake made by many home improvers when designing a new fitted kitchen is overlooking the importance of the flooring. Choosing the right floor for your kitchen is vital for a number of reasons that range from aesthetics and style to hygiene and insulation. It’s easy to forget about the bit of your kitchen that is predominantly used to stand on or to drop food onto. However, all good things are built from the ground up, so it goes without saying that having some good kitchen flooring ideas is integral to your design considerations. To help you with this task we have come up with a few kitchen flooring ideas that will assist you in picking the right product beneath your feet in the most important room of your home.

Granite Floor Tiles:

Top of the list for our kitchen flooring ideas is hardly groundbreaking or revolutionary. It is, however, a forgotten method of bringing beauty with a hard-wearing characteristic to the hardest worn surface in the house – your kitchen floor. Granite floor tiles have been used as flooring in kitchens for hundreds of years and it’s no surprise when you take a closer look at them. Classic granite floor tiles will suit almost every kitchen decor and they are incredibly hard-wearing and stain resistant. Being a classic design and being quite so durable, you won’t need to think about changing them for a while either.

Polished Concrete:

We all love the idea of marble flooring in our kitchen but in reality this is a luxury that many of us simply cannot afford. However, there is a kitchen flooring idea that offers a durable, natural, stone-like finish at a tiny fraction of the cost of marble…polished concrete. This easy-to-install and maintain flooring is perfect for bringing a luxury feel to any kitchen. What’s more, polished concrete is relatively low cost and can easily overcome uneven floor surfaces.

Laminate Flooring:

Many people are a little wary when it comes to laminate flooring in kitchens and with good reason too. If poorly fitted by a low quality tradesman or a DIY enthusiast, laminate flooring in the kitchen can be a nightmare. Let’s remember two things; kitchens are naturally wet places and exposed laminate flooring soaks up water like a sponge and expands like grandpa’s waistline at Christmas! However, so do the fibreboards used to make most kitchen cupboards, units and worktops. It’s all about the quality of materials and the skill and craftsmanship of your chosen fitted kitchen installers. If good quality materials are fitted correctly, laminate flooring can last for twenty years or more, just like good quality kitchen units. The big advantages of laminate flooring for your kitchen or any other room in the house are the low-cost aspect and also the compatibility with underfloor heating. And that’s before we discuss the vast choice of colours, grains and finishes that you have to choose from.

Penny Flooring Idea:

This final idea may not be to everybody’s taste but we had to mention it. This crazy concept is a relatively low-cost but completely unique idea for the creation of a real ‘feature floor’ in your kitchen. The idea is simple. You use a strong bonding agent to stick rows of one penny pieces to your kitchen floor. Next you use a flooring grout to fill the space left between the coins. Then you use a clear epoxy resin to seal your floor and finally you polish a high gloss finish into it. All in all you should expect to spend between £300 and £600 creating a kitchen floor that is guaranteed to be a conversation piece at every dinner party you throw in the future.