The kitchen is quickly becoming the most used and most valuable room in the home, according to a study by leading kitchen appliance manufacturer, Britannia Living. Over half of the homeowners included in the study felt that their kitchens were the rooms with the most financial value and almost the same number of homeowners had spent £1,000 in the last five years improving their kitchen but what kitchen fashions should we be looking for in 2017? Which colours, fixtures and technology will be taking pride of place in kitchens over the coming year?

Kitchen Fashions 2017 – From beginning To End

It all starts with the themes and styles for your kitchen. 2017 sees a rise in the popularity of industrial styles, which include factory-inspired arrangements that use exposed brickwork and stainless steel cladding, as well as natural stone worktops – with quartz and granite due to take centre stage over the next year or two. The industrial kitchen look for 2017 is also likely to often include polished concrete flooring. This relatively cheap kitchen flooring solution offers an instant dramatic feel akin to that of slate flagstones or marble tiles but at a fraction of the cost.

The industrial kitchen theme continues with the popular wall colours for 2017. This year’s popular colours mainly include monochrome shades with matte finishes. Grey will be the wall colour of choice this year and it’s going to be mainly accompanied by more grey, white and black, with colours being introduced through the use of exposed wood finishes and copper kitchen accessories.

Simple and sleek lines are also set to be en vogue in the kitchen of 2017. Handleless, curved, ergonomic units with high-gloss finishes will be illuminated with integrated spotlights and finished with low-profile natural stone worktops. The key factor here is clutter-free spaces and elegant lines, and this is where some high quality, intelligently designed storage solutions come into play. Deep drawers will offer space for small to medium sized appliances in a bid to keep visible clutter to a minimum.

In recent years there has been a rise in popularity of the range cooker – a trend which is set to continue throughout 2017 as well. These traditional-style appliances allow for more comfortable cooking and food preparation, as well as adding a dramatic and stylish touch to your kitchen. Whether you have to cook for a big family each night or you’re a fan of playing chef de partie, you will certainly benefit from having a trusty range cooker in your kitchen.

Our final tip for kitchen fashions to look out for in 2017 is gadgets and technology. Never before have we seen so much emphasis on kitchen technology…and that’s saying something for the room that is home to the refrigerator, the washing machine and the microwave. The iKettle is a kettle brews coffee for you while you lazily get out of bed and is controlled by your smartphone. Then there are CCTV units that have been integrated into our fridges, which work alongside apps to help you manage your groceries while you’re away from the home, reducing the risk of forgetting something at the supermarket.

The kitchen looks set to continue in 2017 as the most used room in the house, as well as being considered the most valuable room in the house by many, and there’s no reason why you can’t make your kitchen the industrial-themed, stylish hub of your home too.