If you’re having a new fitted kitchen, then you may be considering having integrated appliances. Having your dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances built in to your kitchen is definitely the way to go if you want a sleek stylish kitchen, but there is one downside and that is eventually replacing appliances that might break or wear out before your new fitted kitchen does and its good to know how long appliances last.

Thankfully most kitchen appliances are made in standard sizes, so if you have to replace one integrated dishwasher with another one then it shouldn’t be too difficult to do, but you will need to find something that fits into the space.

With all this to consider, knowledge is definitely power, and while there are no guarantees on appliances, consumer groups have worked out the average length you can expect your appliances to work for before they may need replacing in your new fitted kitchen. Let’s take a look at those average figures now and see how it might affect your new fitted kitchen.

How long do appliances last?

Dishwasher – 9 years

The dishwasher used to be the ultimate luxury kitchen item, but these days they are a pretty standard fitting in a new fitted kitchen. A good quality dishwasher should be good for around 9 years.

Microwave – 9 years

While we use them to defrost and warm, microwaves aren’t nearly as fashionable as they were a few years ago, yet most kitchens have one. A good quality microwave is likely to last you at least 9 years.

Refrigerator – 13 years

The fridge is an essential kitchen item, and the one thing that often comes in different sizes so you’ll want to ensure your integrated fridge can be replaced further down the line.

Freezer – 16 years

The same thing goes for the freezer, it’s one of those essential kitchen items you just can’t live without, but make sure if it’s integrated you can replace it later down the line without too much trouble.

Extractor Hood – 14 years

While not an essential item, an extractor hood is a good investment as it removes grease and cooking smells from the air, helping to keep your kitchen in tip-top condition. A good quality extractor might last you 14 years.

Gas Oven – 18 years

The item that is often most difficult to replace when integrated is the gas oven but thankfully if you look after yours it should last you years, as many as 18 according to the stats.

Washing Machine – 15 years

If your washing machine doesn’t succumb to odd socks or lime scale then you could get plenty of good years out it, as many as 15 but be aware that they come in lots of shapes and sizes and so can be hard to integrate back into a kitchen.

Tumble Dryer – 13 years

While there has been a lot of talk of faulty tumble dryers in the news recently, generally they come as pretty good quality items and you might expect a tumble dryer to last around 13 years.

These figures are of course averages and they’ll vary according to quality, cost and luck.  It seems from the consumer groups investigation that generally appliances last on average, 13 Years!